Thursday, August 07, 2014

The University of Tsukuba Web 2.0 Workshop for Japanese Secondary School Teachers 2014

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0

Hello everyone, Welcome to the University of Tsukuba, and welcome to our workshop. Here's what we will do today.

Part 1: 10:45-12:15

  1. Introductions and team building
  2. Survey - I will ask you to do a survey in order to help me understand your technical expertise, interests and needs. The survey will introduce you to a great tool called Survey Monkey
  3. A brief introduction to Web 2.0
  4. Some examples of some work my students have done

Part 2: 1:30-3:00

  1. Hands on practice using Google drive. 

Part 3: 3:15-4:45

  1. Hands on practice using Quizlet
  2. An overview of some other online applications
  3. Closing Discussion

So then, let's get to know each other. Please click the link to see a presentation I have made using an online application called Voicethread. As you watch the presentation please do the quiz.

The first Web 2.0 tool I used was this blog. I started it when I was teaching at Kanto International High School (関東国際高等学校).  Please click the link to see some projects my students and I did at Kanto International High School.

Now let's look at some projects that I've done with students at various universities. Please click the links to see the projects.

Toyo Gakuen University Projects
Shibaura Institute of Technology Projects
The University of Tsukuba Projects

You can see a Google Document I've made about Google Drive by clicking the link. Here's another prcatice quiz I made.
Next, click the link to go to an Introduction to Quizlet.
Finally, if you are interested in reading more about Web 2.0 you can find some articles in my shared Web 2.0 Workshop 2013-08-01 Folder on Dropbox.

I hope that this workshop has been enjoyable and useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on


  1. I enjoyed making the quiz on Google form! Never knew Google drive could be used like this in class. I'll try making a blog, too. Thank you for teaching us today!

  2. Thank you for teaching us many things!

  3. Kensaku3:34 pm

    I learned a lot from you.

  4. Kensaku3:35 pm

    I had a lot of experience from you.

  5. Today's lecture was interesting.

  6. Today's lesson is interesting.

  7. The things you have been telling is new to me...