Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Presentation 2 Spring 2014 Weeks 11-15: Your Third and Final Presentation

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to begin the third and final presentation. This presentation will also be a group presentation. You can do the third presentation with the same group that you did the second presentation.

Last year I asked the students who took this course with me for some feedback. Most of them said that they would have liked to have had the freedom to choose the topic of their presentation, so I've decided to let you choose the topic of this presentation. So here are the guide lines for your project:

  1. The presentation must have a title slide, an introduction slide, a conclusion slide and a slide listing the sources of your research. Each member of the group must make at least 3 slides. Therefore your presentation should have between 10 - 20 slides, depending on whether your group has 2, 3, or 4 members. 
  2. The narration for each slide should be at least 100 words. 
  3. Your slides should use images, video and audio. You can also use the drawing function on Voicethread.
  4. There sound be very little text on your slides.
  5. You should explain why you chose the topic that you chose in your introduction 
The rest is up to you. Use your imagination. Be creative. Take risks. Have fun.

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