Thursday, June 05, 2014

Writing 2 Spring 2014 Week 7: Writing a Personal Narrative Part 3

[108/366] Pen to PaperHello everyone,
Today we are going to start writing our second task. In order to prepare for that we will learn how to identify omissions (省略、削除、切り捨て、脱落), and how to use details to make the story more enjoyable to the reader. After that, we'll learn how to identify digressions (脇道), and get rid of them. We'll also learn how to identify and use the past perfect tense. First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Academic Word List.

OK, let's get started. Please submit the first draught of your second assignment to my mailbox in the Foreign Language Centre by next Wednesday 11th June at 3 pm.
Enjoy writing!

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