Monday, June 02, 2014

Integrated English 1 for Physical Education Majors B4 Week 5: Paul Kariya Chapter 3

Hello everyone, Today we are going to talk about Paul Kariya and the 1994 Lillihammer Olympics. As you can see in the video, Kariya was robbed by Sweden's goalie Tommy Salo, and so Canada lost the gold medal match. Unfortunately for Kariya, the 1994 Olympic Games were his only chance to play for Team Canada at the Olympics. Kariya was selected to play for Team Canada at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, but he was cross-checked in the face by American Gary Suter of the Chicago Blackhawks. Kariya got the fourth concussion of his career because of the hit.

OK, let's study some vocabulary. I have added some new words to our flashcards. Please click the link, sign in and study the vocabulary.

Now let's read Chapter 4. Enjoy!

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