Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Presentation 1 Spring 2014 Week 8: Final Presentations

Hello everyone,
Well, we've come to the end of the course. Today you will do your final presentations. Thank you for being such a great class. i really enjoyed teaching you. I think your confidence and your presentation skills have improved a lot.

Your final assignment is to write a report about your learning experience in this class. Your report should be at least 300 words. Please include the following points:

  • The things you liked about the course
  • The things that you didn't like about the course
  • How much, or how little you think your English has improved
  • How much or how little your confidence has improved
  • How useful you think the course was. Do you think you will have to do presentations in English in the future?
  • What you plan to do in order to retain the skills you have learned in the course.
Please submit your report by e-mail. The deadline for your report is the 25th of June.
Thanks again and good luck in the future.

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