Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The University of Tsukuba IE Phys. Ed B3 Trimester 3 Wk 3

Hi everyone,

Look at the image to the left. What do you think we are going to talk about this class? Write 5 questions about the picture. Have a 2-minute English conversation with a partner.

Before we continue discussing today's topic, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: IE-PhysEd B3 Vocabulary.

OK, today we are going read another article from BreakingNewsEnglish.com .
Please click the link to go to the article:
Energy Drinks Irreversibly Damage Teeth.

So, what do you think? Will you stop drinking sports and energy drinks? Please post a comment.
See you next class!


  1. Hiroki4:26 pm

    I like energy drink so, I will not stop drink it. but I don't like sports drink very much so, I will refrain from drinking it before.

  2. Ryoma4:27 pm

    No, I won't.
    Sports drinks are need for my body, and energy drinks are need when my body is tired.
    However, they're not good for my teeth, so I have to brush my teeth.

  3. Tsukasa4:27 pm

    No, I won't.
    I will continue drink sports and energy drink.
    Because I rise my motivation to drink energy drink.

  4. chisato4:28 pm

    I will not stop drinking these drinks.
    Because these drinks make me fine.
    But, when I drink it, I have to blush my teeth.
    So I want to drink sports and energy drinks.

  5. kotowa4:28 pm

    No, will not.I will drink sports drink and energy drink.

    Because I need sports drink when I play sports.
    But I think that I don't excessively drink these .

  6. Fusako4:28 pm

    I will drink these drinks.
    Because we need acid during the training.
    But I will follow advices of the article.
    For example I brush my teeth after a hour when I drink these drinks.

  7. Ryutarou Hitomi4:28 pm

    I don`t think I stop drinking sports or energy drink. but, I should consider drinking time!

  8. Keisuke4:28 pm

    I will drink sports and energy drinks.
    Because I want to improve my ability. Sports and energy drinks help improving my ability effectively.

  9. kengo4:28 pm

    No, I will not. Becouse, my sports is very hard.
    If I stop drink, I fall down.
    I drink sport drink and energy drinks to good performance.
    Tank you.

  10. Yes i will.
    I know it is harmful
    So,I wish children do not to drink

  11. I will stop drinking energy drinks, but won't stop drinking sports drinks. Because I need sports drinks when I practice. And I'm going to wash my tooth more carefully.

  12. kennta4:28 pm

    I will not stop drinking sports and energy drink.
    Because sports and energy drinks gave me power.

  13. If I stop drinking sports and energy drinks, my teeth will be not cavities.
    But, if I stop drinking sports drinks when I practice hard, I will have possibility of getting dehydration.

  14. Takumi4:28 pm

    No,I won't.
    I like energy drink very much.
    When I am tired, I want to drink energy drink.
    Energy drink is essential to keep on living my life.

  15. masato4:29 pm

    Ⅰwill not stop drinking sport and energy drink,because Ⅰ like to drink these drink after practicing. These drink are produced in Japan,so Ⅰ trust these drinks.

  16. No,I won't. I will drink energy drinks sometimes, because energy drinks give me motivation.

  17. Akihiro4:29 pm

    No,I won't

    Because sports and energy drinks are very important when we play sports.

  18. Naoki4:29 pm

    I know this subject.
    I will not stop drinking sports drink and energy drink. But I will rinse a mouth after drink it to protect my teeth.

  19. Shinjirou kunii4:29 pm

    I will stop drinking sports and energy drinks.
    There is a necessary nutrient for the body.

  20. Yukito4:29 pm

    I hate sports drink from before today's class .
    Because, it's taste is not delicious .
    It is sure by today's lesson.
    It does not drink throughout my life.
    See you!!!

  21. Natsuki4:29 pm

    I haven't drunk energy drinks. But I have drink sports drinks. And I will not stop drink sports drinks. Because when I play sports, water is essential.

  22. Naoki Oketani4:29 pm

    Before I drank sport drink too much.
    But today`s class show me that it isn`t good for health.
    I decided not to drink sport drink.

  23. Kazuki4:29 pm

    Yes,I will.Because I don't want to damage to my teeth.
    If I want to drink sports and energy drinks,I keep doctors advices.

  24. yuuki4:29 pm

    maybe i won't stop drinking sports and energy drink.
    because when i very tired these makes me powerful.
    but,these drinks are damages our teeth,so i should be careful.

  25. Tatsuki4:30 pm

    I will not stop drinking sports drinks, because sports drinks supply us watter. Espetialy in summer, our body need watter more. But I will stop drinking energy drinks. Without energy drinks, I can live.

  26. Ryota4:30 pm

    I think we don't stop drinking sports and energy drinks.
    Because we need sports drinks in exercise.
    And if you are tired, you should drink energy drinks.
    But we shouldn't drinks much those drinks.

  27. Taiki4:30 pm

    I will not stop drinking. Because I am athlete.And I'm often tired. So I need a sports drink and energy drink.

  28. 201212028 takashi waseda4:30 pm

    I need to sports drinks. Because, it bacomes easy to absorb moisture when doing sports.
    I don`t need energy drinks. But, when I am tired, I want to drink it. So I need two!

  29. Yukino4:31 pm

    I think we need sports drinks when we are in a sweat to pray sports or to chach a cold and so on.
    But we drink too energy drink is not healthy, we should stop too drinking.