Monday, December 10, 2012

The University of Tsukuba Cross Cultural Awareness and English Trimester 3 Week 2

Hello everyone,
The Beautiful BrideLast week we talked about marriage in Botswana. We learned about the Botswanian practice of Labola. Labola is sometimes translated into English as "bride price".

This week let's talk about marriage in China. Chinese marriage customs include a bride price too. Chinese marriage customs also include a dowry. You can read about Chinese pre-wedding customs by clicking the link.

Let's watch a video of a Chinese wedding. Please click the link.

Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Cross Cultural Awareness and English Vocabulary.

Now lets read about how modern technology is changing the traditional Chinese dowry.
Finally, what do you think of Chinese wedding customs? Please post a comment.
See you next week


  1. I think Chinese wedding customs are so gorgeous and flamboyant. It reminds me a wedding ceremony of Nagoya in 1980s or a wedding reception of a famous entertainer. I’m so curious to know how much cost of Chinese wedding. It must be so expensive. And it is one of unconditional love to children from their parents.

  2. The wedding party is gorgeous and bustling.
    "喜喜", the character which decorate the things, means "state of enjoying happily", this seems to represent their happiness.

  3. Hikaru7:44 pm

    I feel that Chinese wedding is different from Japanese one. It has many amusing things. I think using various musical instruments are good. I saw its video, but i didn't see a wedding cake. Nothing? Tell me Mr.Michael.

  4. takashi10:28 am

    that movies was interested.I feel that Chinesewedding is different from japan.

    And thank you for explaining smartphone to me.

  5. shunsuke1:04 pm

    I feel the Chinese wedding is so lively.
    The musician played in the wedding.It was fun wedding.
    I think it is different from that of Japan because Japanese wedding is not quite so loud.

  6. I feel that Chinese wedding is flashy and expensive. And Chinese pre-wedding customs (the six traditional rites) are grave. For Chinese,marriage is a ceremony between families. The brids and grooms don't have freedom of love.

  7. Kyoko5:08 pm

    Here`s my opinion.
    Marriage is one of the big events in our life. I think many people want to celebrate it from their heart. I also think Chinese marriage style is one of expressions that grooms and brides are greatly celebrated by their friends and families.
    Brides and grooms have to play a role as a married couple and family.It is natural that their parents would think their children`s marriage goes well. The dowry from their parents is a token of the celebration and their hopes for their child`s marriage and successful marriage life.
    I think the custom is different,but parents love their children is common all over the world.

  8. Arisa.I11:10 pm

    I think Chinese wedding custom is a little similar to Japanese wedding custom. There is Yuino in Japan. Yuino is pre-wedding ceremony. Groom's family pay this money. It is similar that bride's family prepare daily necessities. They are called Yomeiri-dougu in Japan. It is interesting.

  9. Marina7:19 am

    I think Chinese wedding custom is very gorgeous.

    It must costs very much.

    But it's love from their parents to children.

    I felt that Chinese wedding is different from Japan.

    Sounds of Chinese traditional instruments were lively.

    Japanese wedding is more quite.

  10. Rei Watanabe7:43 pm

    Chinese wedding suits China.
    But, I think Japanese wedding suits west wedding.
    When I read about Chinese pre-wedding customs, I feel Chinese wedding is very complicated
    In Japan, broom and bride usually recieve ceremony money from their friends and parents.
    On the other hand, In China, broom's or bride's parents and grandparents recieve something.
    It requires a lot of money.
    It is severe for the poor.
    Love excels money.
    If it is filled with the feeling, The wedding will be the best.
    Even if it does not suit the custom.

  11. Kimika9:08 pm

    I think that Chinese wedding is very gorgeous and expensive.
    If I marry in the future,my wedding ceremony is cheaper than one.

  12. Japanese wedding is so silence! But Chinese wedding is very lively.Its mean that the man and woman is splendidly conglaturated.

  13. I think Chinese wedding is different from Japanese one. Because in Japan, people who cerebrate groom wear the suits, but in China, they are casual. bridegroom is more noticeable fashion than around people. I think Chinese wedding is plain who must be cerebrated.