Monday, September 10, 2012

The University of Tsukuba IE-B3 - Week 2

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 by Dave Catchpole
Hello everyone,

I hope you had a nice week-end.
Since all of you are Physical Education majors, I've decided that we will study English through the topic of sport. Today's lesson will include a little sport history, and some information about the Olympics.

First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: IE - PhysEd B3 Vocabulary.

Please click the link for the course outline.

Next, let's do the worksheets in your Week 2 Lesson Folder.

Finally, please post a comment. Did you watch the London Olympics? Why or Why not? Which Olympic sports do enjoy watching? Why? How did you feel about Japan's performance at the London Olympics. Use my answers to the questions as a model for your comment.

I didn't watch the London Olympics because I am not interested in summer sports. I'm interested in winter sports including hockey, skiing, bobsled, and figure skating. I felt Canada's performance in the London Olympics was disappointing. Australia has a smaller population than Canada but Australian athletes won more medals than Canadian athletes. However, I felt Canada's performance in the Vancouver Olympics was fantastic. I'm very glad Canada won the gold medal in hockey.

See you next week!


  1. Chisato12:27 pm

    I watched the London Olympics.
    For example, table tennis, ZYUDOU and swiming.
    I play table tennis, so I interested in that festival.
    Do you know Ai FUKUHARA?
    I like hewr play style.
    Japanese woman team won a silver medal.
    I respect for Japanese team.
    Some games impressed me deeply.
    Many world people may be excited.
    So, I expect Olympic hold in Japan.
    See you.

  2. I like sports very much.
    I expected for a long time that the London Olympic Games will start.
    I looked at the Olympic Games till late every night.
    It is especially judo, swimming, and soccer.
    However, it is gymnastic Uchimura that is the most impressive.
    His gold medal shone more and appeared.
    Thank you.

  3. Kotowa12:07 am

    Hello, Michael.

    I didn't watch the Olympics very weii because there was the camp of club activities.
    Because there was practice in the morning when therer was not a camp, I was not able to be up until the middle of the night when the Olympics were performed.
    But I like summer suports and wanted to see thatI could do it more.
    I think that I certainly want to see the Olympics four years later.

    Thank you.

  4. My favorite sport is HANDBALL. I play handball evryday. This is very hard sport. My favorite athlete is Ichiro. He is very cool. I like this. Diet plan for Michel is running five minutes everday I hope that Michel will become health. Thank you for reading.

  5. Hiroki1:30 pm

    I like baseball.My favorite player is Y.Karakawa of Chiba Lotte Marines.He has very good control.His pitching form is very beautiful.And he is from Chiba!...I'm from Chiba too.
    Diet program for Michael is to exercise a little every day.I'm looking forward to see good-looking of Michael!
    thank you!

  6. Ryota9:22 pm

    I watched London Olympics because I like sports very much.
    I watched soccer,swimming,judo and so on.
    Especially,I was impressed by fencing.
    I excited when fencing team came from behind a few munites.
    I expect that Japan team will win many medals in the next Olympic Games.
    Thank you.

  7. kazuki11:54 pm

    Hello Michael.
    I watched the London Olympics.
    I like soccer,so I watched soccer.
    Especially,I focused on "Nadeshiko".
    Nadeshiko is japanese soccer team of women.
    Nadeshiko Awarded Second place.
    I was impressed by Nadeshiko.
    see you.

  8. Tatsuki1:05 am

    I watched London Olympics,but I couldn't watch many games because many of them were done at midnight.I couldn't keep awake.I knew the result of the game on TV.I was very excited that Nadeshiko,Japanese women's soccer team,got silver medals.I enjoyed Athens Olympics because the theme of my independent reserch in summer vacation was Athens Olympics.
    Thank you.

  9. I watched London Olympics. I enjoyed watching sports, especially, Gymnastics and Nadeshiko soccer becouse ther are very exciting.Uchimura Kouhei, one of the gymnastic delegation, is cool.I like his perfoemance. It made me a deep impression.Also, I cheered Nadeshiko soccer because they gave us our courage and energy to live when we suffer the Eastern Japan great earthquake.I was cried by her running around the soccer field.I will watch next Olympics.

  10. Kotowa12:23 pm

    Because a purpose had written a different thing by the last comment, I contributed my comment once again.

    I was able to watch almost none of the Olympics, but Japan got many medals and was proud as a Japanese.

    Because I swam until junior high school, I paid attention to swimming by Olympics.
    I wanted Kousuke Kitajima to catch a gold medal.

    I suggest as diet of Michael that please don't eat between meals.

    Thank you.

  11. akihiro12:29 pm

    My favorite sports is baseball because I played baseball.

    My favorie athlete is Iciro because he is the best baseball player in the world.

    Diet plan for Mchael is runnig everyday

  12. Tsukasa12:31 pm

    I watched London Olympics.
    I watched volleyball and table tennis.
    My favorite sport is volleyball.
    So, I was impressed japanese team won the medal.

  13. Atsushi12:42 pm

    I watched London Olympics.Because I like sports very much.Especially I focused on Nadeshiko.Nadeshiko won silver medal.I was very excited.
    Thank you.

    1. Keisuke12:37 am

      I watched various sports in London Olympics. In particular I watched Track and Field. Because I am belong to the track and field club and play Decathlon.London Olympics was very exciting.

  14. Yuusuke7:51 pm

    I watched tennis. I like tennis very much!
    A.murray is English tennis player. He called BIG4,it`s mean he is very good tennis player. But he didn`t win the victory.
    In London Olympic, he did it.
    I was very impressed with it.

  15. Fusako9:34 pm


    I watched London Olympics.
    Because I wanted to watch top level game at a lot of sports.
    I watched artistic gymnastics,vallyball,soccer and so on.
    London Olympics is exciting festival!
    Especially artistic gymnastic gave a strong impression to me.
    So,I hope to hold Olympics in Japan.

    Thank you.

  16. Yukito4:34 pm

    I am sorry to be late.
    I watched London Olympics.
    But I watched soccer only.
    Other sport was no spare time to see.
    But all of Japanese player did their best!!

    I fight too!!

  17. Ryoma9:43 pm

    I watched the London Olympics because I'm interested in summer sports. I thought Japan's performance in the London Olympics was not so bad, but it was sad that the athletes of track and field got no medal. I felt there was a big gap between the Japanese and the top-ranking athletes in the world.