Monday, September 24, 2012

The University of Tsukuba IE-B3 Week 4: There's good and bad in everything

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a good week-end.
Today we are going to talk about the good side and the bad side of sport. First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: IE-PhysEd B3 Vocabulary.
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Now let's listen to Two Sides of a Sport.

One of the worst examples of the bad side of sport is hooliganism. In the most extreme cases, people are killed.

Sometimes just attending sporting matches can be deadly (致死). In March 2002 a little girl was killed at a hockey game in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She was hit in the head by a hockey puck. One of the most tragic incidents to occur at a sporting match was the Hillsborough Disaster in England. Ninety-six people were killed. The photo above shows a memorial to the people who died in the Hillsborough Disaster.

Can you think of any bad things that have happened at a sporting event in Japan. Please post a comment below.
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  1. The transportation around the stadium is crowded with many funs. And someone dead in an traffic accident.

  2. Daisuke4:23 pm

    In professional baseball game,the foul ball which player hit goes to audience very fast.
    And sometimes, the foul ball hit audience.
    It is most dangerous in baseball game for the audience.
    So there is very very tall net and guard fence in the every baseball field.

  3. most memorial things for me is kimuratakuya's dead who coached at yomiuri giants in2010.

    he died during practice.

  4. Naoki4:24 pm

    One of the worst examples of the bad side of sport is YAOCHO of SUMO in Japan.And match-fixing in Sumo, a deliberate wrestlers are buy and sell money winning at this location mainly in Elimination Act.

  5. Takashi W4:24 pm

    I know a tragic accident!

    Sports racer hit telephone pole and die ...

    He run by car in high speed . So I think when he noticed his dengerous , he couldn't avoid this pole .

    I was sad to hear this news .

  6. Kotowa4:24 pm

    When Hanshin Tigers win the game, Hanshin's fun jump off the bridge into the Doutonbori river.
    The man once died due to that.

  7. masato4:24 pm

    baseball is very dengerous sports.
    my friend takumi`s legs was broken by hitting ball
    . he is catcher. ball of baseball is very very hard. so his leg was swelled.
    sport is very fun,but dengerous.
    so Iwant to care about myself.

  8. Hiroki4:25 pm

    Baseball is sometimes very dangerous.Especially,to hit a ball with a batter.Generally,the ball hit on a arm,a back and a leg.But unusually,a ball hit on the head!It is very dangerous!

  9. Tsukasa4:25 pm

    Some pro wrestlar dead in match by their miss.

  10. Takumi4:26 pm

    Baseball is very dangerous.
    Ball hit my right leg.
    My right leg is broken.
    I stayed hospital for a week.

  11. About outdoor sports, there are the serious troble that someone became heat injury and were killed in very hot day without drinking.

  12. Natsuki4:27 pm

    In the basketball game, when one player and another player make contacts, they often happen injury accident.

  13. Yukino4:27 pm

    Track and Field is outdoor sports.
    In summer, many people are transported the hospital because they have heat injury.
    Not only Track and Field, but also baseball, tennis, soccer…and so on.

  14. Yukito4:27 pm

    I remember a certain accident.

    ten-year-old boy was playing slide.
    At that time the ball to which it came from a distance was hitted boy. the boy was dead.

    Such a thing does not recur,
    I study hard.

  15. Ryutarou4:27 pm

    one baseball club occured a serious people hit one member in bat. The member was died.

  16. kengo4:27 pm

    Many pople play sports in Japan.
    Japan is very hot.
    So there are a lot of people of the heat stroke.
    There is a dying student every year.

  17. Chisato4:28 pm

    The old day, I heared a boy dead.
    He played baseball with his friends in the park.
    But a ball hitted his chest.
    When I heard news I was so sad.

  18. Tatsuki4:28 pm

    In japan, some students die during school sports club activity by heatstroke every year.We should quite often drink water particularly in summer.

  19. Ryota4:28 pm

    In summer japan, some people died of heat injury during while plaing sports.
    I think we need rest and drink water when we play sports in hot.

  20. Shinjirou4:28 pm

    In baseball game, foul ball is very dangerous.
    Sometimes, the foul ball which the batter hit goes to the audience seat.
    It is very dangerous,so audience should be careful for the foul ball.

  21. Fusako4:28 pm

    In Japan,fatal accidents happen in club activities.
    Judo is top of it.
    I think teachers should take care of accidents in club activities.

  22. Tomohito SATO4:29 pm

    Soccer player suddenly died on practice time .
    His name is Matsuda Naoki.

  23. Ryoma4:29 pm

    August 26, 2012.
    This event is not in Japan but in Germany, the man died because spear of the javelin stung him.
    When I heard it, I'm very sad.

  24. takehito4:30 pm

    when I go kendo tournament , I saw falling human.
    The human hit kendo`s sword.
    The human to be amnesia.
    I think very sad.

  25. tsubasa4:31 pm

    Throw a ball too much and break the shoulder. He underwent an operation.

  26. Akihiro4:31 pm

    I know that Japanese is die in a boxing match.
    A boxer's name is Fukuda Masakazu.
    He is die because he has a secondary disease.


  27. Ski is very dengerous.
    skier bumps an iron pole and audience,

  28. Keisuke4:32 pm

    Recently , The high school student was hit in the head by a javelin in Hiroshima University.She didn't die but she was severe injure . I play javelin throw , so I will be very careful when I throw javelin.

  29. Atsushi4:33 pm

    In the baseball game,dead ball is very dangerous.
    The ball which the pitcher throw sometimes goes to the batter ,and hit him.
    Sometimes the batter gets very heavy injury.
    So I think the dead ball is most dangerous in baseball game.

  30. taiki4:33 pm

    Baseball is a very dangerous sport.The ball often hit my body.Three days ago, the ball hit my mouth and injured in mouth. Baseball is vary dangerous.

  31. Kazuki4:34 pm

    I remember Mitsuharu Misawa.
    He is a Pro wrestler
    He died during the game.
    His death made many people sad.
    I hope it never happen.

  32. Baseball is dangerous. Baseball's ball is very hard. Sometimes, ball bounds irregularity.