Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The University of Tsukuba CE Humanities A - Week 3

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to talk about values.

First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: CE-Humanities A Units 1 &2 Vocabulary.

Values are an example of a hidden cultural difference. We assume that all people have the same values, but it's more complicated than that.
Let's read what some teachers from various countries around the world say are the most important values to them. Click the link, scroll down and read the comments.  Which 2 values are the most popular? How about you? Which 2 or 3 values are most important to you? Tell us by posting a comment below.

Finally, this week Friday, 21st there is a very useful workshop at the International Student Centre. The details are in the poster below. Culture shock is one of the topics we will discuss in this class. I hope you can attend the workshop!


  1. Akihiko7:22 pm

    I think Carla's idea is most familiar in Japan. She chose respect and love as important values. Respect is essential for all relationships and love is what all people crave for and what the Japanese prefer as themes of movies, TV dramas and books. There is a little difference from Vicky's opinion. Respect for ourselves is not common in Japan. I suppose this is because modesty is considered to be important. Perhaps Japanese think that self-respect is somewhat selfish.
    Important values for me are respect, including self-repect, and discretion. we should respect all things. In addition we ought to think why we think it is important. Disrection is needed to live today's chaotic world. In order to live a full life, we always have to think what we should do next and how to deal with many problems.

  2. Arisa.I12:23 am

    My values are loving myself and honesty. I have some reasons. I don't have any confidence for myself. So,I try to be positive for myself. I tend to feel the stress too. I won't have too patience in mind. Thanks to, I can do everything which I want to. After all,the most impotant thing is to make mach of myself.

  3. Saki Hasegawa5:56 pm

    I chose LOVE and SMILE as two most important values. LOVE is everywhere. For example,to my family and to my friends. Loving makes everyone happy. If one has always the feeling to someone,the one wouldn`t hurt anyone. And,SMILE is also what everyone has. There is a proverb "Fortune comes in at the merry gate". Smiling is universal,and it is said that if you smile,you would live longer. That`s why I chose them.

  4. itokon8:04 pm

    For me, Respect and Interest are most important values.

    I had ever seen many wonderful people and had been inspired by them. Especially, Mr.Yamasita,who is a teacher and coach of track and field club in my junior high school , is the most respectful person for me. I wanna been a teacher like him. Respect is a conpass of my life.

    Interest is important for my life,too. Thinking myself, my decision depends on whether things are interest for me or not.

  5. From the image, I choose kindness,acceptance and flexibility.I think
    being kind to others helps oneself.We can live by helping each
    other.And there are many people around the world.Of course,they have a lot of differences.To addmit and accept are important to understand diversity.And to do so,I think flexibility is needed.

  6. Yuki Izuni12:08 am

    I think LOVE and SELF-CONFIDENCE are important value.
    First, love has amazing power.
    If you love someone, suddenly your life becomes more wonderful.
    (We often say,"Love makes ladies beautiful!")
    Of course, sometimes you feel sad or jealous because of love,
    but you can experience much more happiness, I think.
    And love makes not only me but also other people happy.
    Thanks to love, we can act for someone and something.
    (Our family, friends, pertner, country and so on.)
    Second, self-confidence is also important for me.
    Because when you begin a new project or face difficult situation,
    self-confidence can encourage us.
    (I don't want to say, "Be a confident person!")
    I think moderate self-confidence makes us more active.

    For these reasons, LOVE and SELF-CONFIDENCE are essential for me.

  7. Eishi. K11:38 am

    Determination, Self-reliance and Flexibility are most important to me.
    I think we can choose our lives, so I should think by myself and select from the alternatives which always exist in my life.
    To think by myself, I should be self-reliant.
    I think determination and self-reliance are important, but there are many other important things in my life, so I also want to be flexible.

  8. Keisuke2:41 pm

    First,I think Respect is a important value. To respect other cultule can decrease cultural trouble. It also can make adapting other culture easy.
    Second,I think Manners are also important value. Not to cause any cultural trouble,it is essential to keep manners of each culture. What is called "When in Rpme,do as Romans do"

  9. Shoko☆3:45 pm

    My name is Shoko.
    I think flexibility is important because if we are inflexible,we tend to strike out with others.
    And I love flexible people!
    I think calmness is also important because it's essential skill to live by our wits.
    I want to be a person who always has a calmness but can make marry when one is pleased.
    See you next time.

  10. Aiman8:27 pm

    For me, determination and selflessness are the two most important values.

    I believe that determination is one of the greatest assets one can posses. Determination can prevent a temporary failure from becoming permanent. It can brings out the best of us in anything that we do.

    I also believe that selflessness is an answer for most of the problems in the world. If all of us could stop thinking about ourselves and start helping those in need, even world hunger could be solved in days.

  11. Shoko Arai10:52 pm

    The values I choose are learning and self-control. L think these values makes us sensible.
    First, we all get various views and know what is right through learning. If we decide what we should do only by our love or self-esteem, we will often conflict with people who love different things. We must know there are different values in the world, and they each have their own virtue.
    Second, self-control is the value not for protecting our own prides, but for treasuring others. It's difficult for human to put others before ourselves however we love them. We tend to forget to respect others. Therefore I always want to keep self-control in mind.
    For these reasons I choose these two values, learning and self-control.

  12. I think the most popular values are respect and love.
    Respect for others makes us tolerant, and respect for ourselves makes us discreet.
    Love is widely accepted as essential thing.

    The most important values to me are kindness and cooperation.
    Everyone feels happy when someone is kind to us.
    And cooperation is necessary to get along with my family,friends and colleagues.
    So,I think these values are very important.

  13. chihro11:08 pm

    I choose curiosity and acceptance as most important values.
    I don’t know the word, curiosity is appropriate for it…but if you see everything around you interesting, and see with acceptance, you must enjoy your life even with any happenings that you feel difficult apparently.

  14. My values are LOVE and KINDNESS.
    LOVE makes peopl be happy,strong and so on.
    When one person loves someone, he is tender toward not only the girlfriend and also his family, friends,her family,friends and neighbor.
    I think that if people all over the world have KINDNESS,war doesn't break out and we can achive global peace.
    That is the reason why my values are LOVE and KINDNESS.

  15. Sayaka.M1:09 am

    My values are enjoying and creating. I think my life is created by myself. I can create my life not only good life but also bad life. The bad thing is good for me in part. It is important to notice that. And I love enjoying. I don't like to do same things everyday. So,I want to live my life I create.

  16. Masaki Takano1:12 am

    My two chosen values are respect and flexibility.
    I think respect is the most important value of all values. If you lost respect for everyone such as for parents, for teachers and for friends , you would not grow up to be a moral person.
    I also think flexibility is a very important value. This is because that our life is changing day by day and we need flexibility to survive the world.
    There are other important values, but,for the reasons mentioned above, I choose these two values as two most important values.

  17. Masako11:41 am

    I think most important values are love and cooperation.
    Love is we feel for our friends. If my friend is disappointed,I cheer her up. If I am disappointed,my friend will cheer me up. This is love. Love makes us happy.
    Cooperation is we work with someone. If the work can't achieve alone,when we work with someone,the work can do. Cooperation is possibility.
    So I think love and cooperation is important.

  18. I think respect is the most important value.
    We should respect others.For example,our teachers,parents and friends.
    Especially,in Japan,we use "keigo".It is Japanese culture.
    I think kindness is also important.
    Kindness makes people very happy.The more people are kind to others,the more people smile.

    So I think the most important values are respect and kindness.


  19. My values are respect and peace.

    Respect for others and environment is very important.
    I think that the relation with respect lasts long and is a thing throughout life.
    But if there is no it, I will carry out [ mind only like that time ] only by an interest.

    Peace is important to send happy life filled with smiling.

    So, I think they are values. Thanx!

  20. The most important value which I choose is love and smile everytime.
    People can`t avoid interacting other people.
    Thank you for our parents, friends, grandfathers and mothers ,teachers and so on, we can grow.
    So we have to respect other people.
    We need love.

    Also,I think smile makes ours happy.
    Smile makes our life enjoyable.
    It is very very important for me to smile everytime.

  21. Hiromi.N12:43 pm

    FREEDOM is my important value.
    I do'nt like to bind myself by rule.
    I always trust my intuition and feelings,and do so.
    Of course I do'nt mean FREEDOM egoism.
    And SELF-CONFIDENCE is also important for me.
    With it,I can be positive and challenge everything.
    I want to tresure these value,and enjoy my life!!

  22. Hello teacher!
    My values are Love and Learning.
    I think Love is all the origins.
    There are not Kindness, Carefulness, Respect and so on without Love.
    I think Learning is the value which does not fade even if it passes throughout life.
    So, the two values is most important.

  23. Sayaka.K1:01 pm

    I think belief and smile are important.
    The belief that I think about is not religion, but it is what I believe.It is important that I do that I think it is right.
    Smile is also important.I think smile has power to make people smile,so smile makes them happy.

  24. Sayaka.H1:02 pm

    Flexibility and acceptance are my values.
    Various persons are in a world. There are also many people exceeding the region of imagination of me.Even if I meet the people, I would like to think flexibly, don't stick to my image. Though a parson's opinion differs from my opinion, I don't say “his opinion is wrong, my opinion is right!” I think it important to understand that each person's idea is different, and to accept a parson.

  25. I chose love and honesty as my values.
    Love is what makes you to do something for others. So, love is kindness. If all people have love and be kind for all the others (neighbor, animals, nature or themselves), the world will be better. So, I think love is important.
    Honesty is virtue. You will feel good if you could say what you think without lie and your friends can know what you really think and then you can make better your relationships. Ofcause there are situations you should better lie. But, with kindness, you will never lie to hurt someone. So, honesty and love must be together.

  26. Atsushi1:08 pm

    I think flexibility and hungry are important value.
    First, flexibility is important for me because we have to change ourselves according to environment.
    Second, hungry is also important for me because I can acquire many knowledge if I'm hungry for knowledge.

  27. My values are self determination and learning.
    Self determination liead us to act wisely.
    As it enables us not to follow people without deep thinking.
    And,learning help us to choose right act.
    Learning other culuture,culutual conflict,the world history and
    feelings of other culutuar is very important.
    If you do not know anytihng,you can`t know what to do and
    what is right.
    So,I chose these two values.

  28. Kishimoto1:22 pm

    I think KINDNESS is the most important value.
    kindness makes a good relationship of us.If you only think love is important,your love may not be told .It is important to exxpress your love.I think it is kindeness
    I also think respect is importanr value.
    If you think a man is so great, you can try more and more.

  29. Kazuya1:31 pm

    My values are honesty and love.
    Honesty is very important because,if you don't tell true things,people begin to believe you.It will cause unconfortable world to you.
    Also,you are honesty to not only another person but also yourself.
    If you are not honesty to yourself,you can not trust in you and then can't know what you will do.
    Next,I think that love is a important value.This is because the emotion "love" make us happy.So if we have love for all things,the world will be happy.

  30. Yuichi1:31 pm

    My values are love and respect.
    Love is an element that makes us a human.If we lost love, you couldn't believe others and be believed by them.
    Respect is also essential.We sould respect other people,cultures and so on.Humans have so many difference characters,so it's important to respect others.

  31. Kohei1:32 pm

    I think respect and kindness are very important.
    We need them when we communicate with other people.
    If we lost them,we can not have good communication and friends.
    I want to keep them forever.

  32. Yuka.M1:45 pm

    My values are self-confidence and love.I think self-confidence is very important to me because I am weak.Love for everyone always makes me strong.

  33. Taichi.M1:52 pm

    I think love and peace are important.

    First, if there is no peace, no one can be happy. Second, to make peace, we need to love other people. So i think love makes us happy and we become happy!

  34. Chika1:58 pm

    I think respect is very important.
    And I think kindness is important, too.
    Because they make our life peaceful.

  35. Marina3:05 pm

    I think that the most important values are love and self determination. There are various objects of love, for example: oneself, family, boyfriends, teachers, best friends and so on. Love supports not only the people around me. It supports me too.
    Self-determination heightens our motivation to do something.

  36. Yurika.M12:07 pm

    Hello, Mr.Stout.
    The values which I think are very important are LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY.
    Love is the basis of all human relations. If we lose our love to others, our community would be desolate.
    Responsibility always mends our behavior. Our actions influence on many things or persons. We should have responsibility to our says and do, and behavior as a member of society.
    As I have written, those 2 values are essential to live with other persons, so I chose them.