Friday, June 08, 2012

応用英語I-2A Reading 2011 Lesson 8:Chapter 6

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to find out whodunit!
Please look at the mind map on the left. A new suspect has been added. Look at the image and add more notes to yuor Detective's Notebook.
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  1. Aren Takahashi12:11 pm

    Dear Mr,Gray and Mr,Benerides,
    Thank you for writing hhodunit. I read The inverted Eagle. I like it because I didn't expect criminal. I was very excited.

  2. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.Benerides
    Thank you for writing whodunit. I read The inverted EaI
    I liked it because i agree with your advance,it`s so difficult for me

  3. Nanaho12:13 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.Benevides,Thank you for writing whodunit.I read The invertedEagle. I liked it because,I can learn a lot of word and idiom!!

  4. chihiro12:17 pm

    Dear Mr. Gray and Mr.Benevides,Thank-you for writing Whodunit.
    I lead The inverted Eagle.I like it because I like whodunit. I want to lead off English.
    Sincerely Thank you!

  5. Kazuki12:18 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.Benerides,
    Tahnk you for writing whodunit. I read The InvertedEagle. I disliked it because this is very difficult..
    Sincerely Kazuki

  6. Ara sei12:23 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.benevides,Thank-you for writing whodunit. I read The Inverted Eagle. I like it. Because I like mystery. This story can't to forecast. At first I think criminal was Kevin or Miguel. So very exciting. Thank you.
    But important proof appear before very late.
    It goes without saying that it can't to forecast.

    But very funny story! Thank you very much.

  7. Choshu Nomura5:57 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.Benevides.
    Thank you for writing Whodunit.
    I read The Inverted Eagle.
    I don't like this story becuse I can't understand why Nancy Reed did the crime.
    Why didn't she tried to a consultation with Allison Reed when she read Allison's diary ?
    I think that Nancy has a room for improvement; mustn't worry about a quarrel,if she want has a good relationshgips with Allison(or another one).
    I think that a genuine bonds are created by disclose one's real intention each other, because if it is not tell real intentions,we can't understand what he or she think in their mind.
    So Nancy should have talk with Evan and Nancy and Miguel about Allison and Miguel's relatiomship without fear,or laziness.
    If she did it, become another good way.
    That is a point I dont like this story.
    However, I am grateful for yours as I could get a lot of words and patience while I was reading.
    I am looking forward to reading a new story;Death On U Street.
    Sincereli,Choshu Nomura.

  8. Kanna9:38 pm

    Dear Mr.Gray and Mr.Benevides,

    Thank you for writing Whodunit. I read The inverted Eagle. I liked it because I was enjoyed reading this story. I think the story has been completed as a detective novel. I couldn't figure out who is the criminal until I read chapter 6. I was suprised when the true criminal was found to. In addition, all characters are unique and attractive.


  9. Marcos Benevides7:15 am

    Thank you all for your comments!

    Choshu, I agree with you that Nancy should have talked with Allison about Miguel. Unfortunately, some people don't always do what they should. It would be great if everyone obeyed the law, but I guess then Ellie wouldn't have a job! ;-)

    Marcos Benevides

  10. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Like Marcos said, thanks everyone for your great replies. I know that Whodunit was challenging for some of you, but think of how much you were able to accomplish. This fall there will hopefully be a new Fiction in Action book out that will be a little bit easier, so you might want to check that out.

    I'm sure that Nancy now wishes that she had simply spoken to her daughter, but sometimes people make bad decisions when they're unhappy about something - I know I have!

    Keep on reading and writing!