Tuesday, June 26, 2012

英語総合1A Global Issues 2012 Unit 10 Diversity

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to talk about diversity.
First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link 英語総合1A Vocabulary. Scan the unit in your textbook. Add any words you don't know, or  that you don't know well.

Do you think Japan is a diverse country? Post your  answer as a comment comment below.

Have a good week!


  1. takazumi O.10:26 am

    I think Japan is diverse country,because Japanese family restaurant have diverse foods.

  2. Asuka K10:26 am

    Yes,I do.
    Because Japanese eat dishes a variety of country.

  3. kazunari U10:26 am

    Japan is diversity country.
    Because there is food in various countries.

  4. Keita N10:26 am

    Japan is diversity.
    Because we can eat foreign cuisine.

  5. Keiho.N10:27 am

    Yes, I do. I think that food or fashion is diverse in Japan. Japan is a very diverse country. It is important for us to know a variety of country.

  6. Daisuke O10:27 am

    I think Japan is diverse country,because I think there is culture difference between people live in Hokkaido and people live in Okinawa.The culture is changed by land and nature.

  7. Akihiro K.10:28 am

    I think that there is diversity in Japan.For example, there is a dialect in Japan.There is a dialect in Ibaraki where I was born.

  8. H.Makoto10:28 am

    I think Japan is a diverse country. Because, culture and language is different by region. I cannot understand dialect.

  9. Masafumi K10:28 am

    Yes' I do.
    I think Japan is unique country.
    Because that unique has diverse .

  10. Takuma Y10:28 am

    No,I don't.
    Because Japanese people have a hard head.

  11. Yosiharu M10:29 am

    Yes,I do.
    Because, Japanese people like a lot of foods and sports.
    So, They are catholic in one's tastes.

  12. Keita Y10:29 am

    Yes I do. Because a lot of people are individual hairstyle. I want to have individual hairstyle too.

  13. Tsubasa W.10:30 am

    Yes, I do. Because I think Japanese assimilate from foreign country. For example, music and food. I think it is good.

  14. takeshi T10:30 am

    No, I don't. I think japan isn't a diver country.
    Because I think Japanese company goods almost sell japan, but foreign country company goods sell all over the world.

  15. Yuta I10:30 am

    I think Japan is a diverse country.
    Because Japanese people have various hobby.

  16. yukihiro M10:30 am

    I think so.
    Japan is diverse country.

  17. Asuka K10:30 am


    For example pasta,pizza(Italian food),carry(Indian food) and steamed meat bun(Chinese food).

  18. Hiroshi S10:31 am

    I think Japan is diverse country.
    Because Japan has accept foreign cultures.

  19. Natsumi.U10:31 am

    I think japan is not diverse country because,I don't really see religion in japan. Also, I think Japan is fixed on one idea.

  20. Eiji K10:31 am

    Yes,I do. Because Japan is many different dialects in different regions of the country. And I don't understand dialect of Akita etc.

  21. Shota M10:32 am

    I think Japanese are diversity. Because I think Japanese are not much pride. So Japanese are acceptable lots of opinions.

  22. Tatsuo.Y10:33 am

    Yes I do. I'm think Japan is a many culture and food, tradition. Incorporate Japanese's own style into the foreign country. Therefore, change it into Japanese's culture.

  23. Kentarou T10:34 am

    I think Japan is both diversity and not diversity.
    Because Japan assimilate many overseas culture.
    But Japan is single-nation state.

  24. Kyosuke M4:40 pm

    I think Japan is a diverse country. Because Japanese conducting diverse activities of science and technology.