Tuesday, June 19, 2012

英語総合1A Global Issues 2012 Unit 9 Gender & Language and Assignment 2

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to talk about gender and language. First let's scan Unit 9 for words we don't understand and add them to our flashcards on Quizlet.

Today we will be learning a little about the American anthropologist Margaret Mead. You can learn more about her from wikipedia in English and Japanese.
Your next assignment is to watch an interview with Miho, a young Japanese woman who lived and studied overseas. The video comes from The Daily English Show episode #320.


  1. Masafumi Kawaguchi6:33 pm

    I was surprised to see that cause the difference of language to make the bullying from her experience.
    I was thinking just make the difference in language and culture shock. But I was very surprised to hear her experience. To become a well to speak a second language takes time, I think that she could not speak well, and so that there is no way. I think when it becomes the same position, I am not only hard to learn a second language. She studeied a second language hard. I respect her.
    And I also respect where she is trying to achieve a dream.

  2. Tsubasa W.7:40 pm

    Miho didn't speak English well and it is not possible to communicate well with children of English. I thought people don't speak language well, so have an error and come across to other person. Miho is in order to be able to speak English, worked hard. I'm not good at English, so Miho can take to communicate in English, and I thought an amazing.
    Also, I heard she went to England, learn the second foreign language, Italian because of she is interested in fashion. I thought amazing Miho learn language for her like things.
    I learn the difference culture between Japan and England. (103words)

  3. Keita Y2:02 pm

    I respect that Miho carried out to the land of foreign culture alone. I think that it became an experience good for Miho to have overcome it in spite of having made a fool the people of the land. Although possibly this was hot for Miho, I think that the bigger thing than it was able to be obtained. I think that it can have the courage which goes to overseas if there are those who are hesitating in fear of going to overseas and the talk of cod roe is heard. I would also like to hear this talk and to have come to go to overseas.

  4. Keiho.N2:30 pm

    I think that Miho is pitiful. Because the children was hard on her, when she went to collage. I thought that I did not want to receive prejudice. And I thought that I did not want to have prejudice. Therefore, I thought that I would like to touch ordinarily when touching a foreigner. She is a great person. Because she went to England for her dream. She lived in England for 7 and a half years. I thought that I would also study toward my dream. I think that Miho had a good experience. Therefore, I will consider that she is successful from now on.

  5. Asuka K2:40 pm

    I think that Miho is great student. Because she have will myself. Although she have experienced culture shock , she got over it and fight to the last. Also she thought her future so she went to England and study hospitality management, international relations and Italian. She grew up to put that experience to good use and became successful. She has courage than other person and I cannot do. But I must be imitable. I think that I will think over once which should study and what doing now. And I would like to have come to get to know more about the culture shock.

  6. Ryota Y11:10 pm

    I like her way of life. She has a good dream. If I have dream like hers, I can’t decide to go to overseas maybe. I want her to get her dream.
    I think miho sometime felt so bad. However, she has good another experience .
    For example, she has been a radio announcer at FM Niseko. Because, she lived in England for a long time and can speak English very well.
    Culture shock is very deeply problem. I have thought that being flexible is good things to avoid to face culture shock before.
    However, when I listened her talk, I think to have a dream is one of the way to overcome culture shock.

  7. Natsumi.U11:40 pm

    I think she is great woman. She can speak Japanese and English. I think her’ s English in not bad. And, She has many experiments which is good and bad. Bad experiment is grew her. Also, she felt culture shock but she thought about going to Melbourne. She has strong mind. Moreover, I respect her because she hold on to purpose and dream. For example, she study hospitality management, fashion and media. She is clear about what one wants to do. Compared to this, I didn’t have dream so I’m looking for it. Miho feels a lot of things while she stays overseas, I think I have to feel many things for seaching my dream. Finally, Miho is person who passes down various things.

  8. Akihiro K.12:00 am

    I think that Miho is hard worker. She overcame the difficulty of language and culture. The pressure from the surroundings will be defeat me if I am her position. I also think that she have wonderful patience. If she do not have this patience, she lost culture shock. I do not have patience. Therefore, I would like to follow patience of her. I am studying English in college now. And I think that English capability is inferior to other students. I would like to do my best like her and good English speaker. Her talk became an experience good for me.

  9. Daisuke O2:23 am

    I think her experience is great for her life.I want to study English and be good at speaking English.She lived in England for about 7 years.It is very envious for me.Because I want to go abroad and speak in English. I think that the best way of learning English is to be thought by native English speaker.Now I studied English in college.It is easy to learn English grammar,but to learn good pronunciation is difficult in Japan.If we won't go abroad,we don't need good pronunciation.but if we do,I think we need more good pronunciation.In this video,I felt she has good pronunciation.It might be not easy for her to be good at speak English like people who live there.

  10. Yuta I5:28 am

    I think that Miho is a strong girl.
    Because when she bullied by American students, not to mention she was sulky, she became all out with the method of being higher about her English capability and actually raised it .
    And I also think that she is an agressive girl because she did not only stuying, but also working in a shoe shop there.
    These experiences will greatly be helpful in her future life.
    I do want to be able to speak English. So this episode of hers was consulted very much.
    I would also like to have come to go abroad for a while for the improvement in English capability.(109 words)