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応用英吾I-2A Reading: And the winner is...

Well everyone, we have a winner. A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to write original stories based on your favourite characters in The Inverted Eagle. Both Adam Gray and Marcos Benevides, the authors of your textbook, have read your stories and selected a winner, and the winner is...Shin!
Here's what Mr. Gray said about Shin and his story:

"(Shin) had a good command of English, and in addition, the story about Miguel wanting to join an NPO and go to India seems very realistic based on the characters. I like the end, where he flashes five years forward and Miguel and Allison have two kids and she is there at the airport to see him off."

Mr. Gray also liked Hiroaki S's story very much. He said:

"Honorable mention to #10 (Hiroaki S), whose story made me laugh out loud. Kevin in flight school! Great idea."

You can read Shin's story and Hiroaki S's story below. I have corrected the grammar and vocabulary usage errors.

Shin's Story

     It had been many months since the case of the Inverted Eagle had been solved, and with their parent's permission, Miguel and Allison were together and in love with each other. Miguel was very busy because of his studies to be a doctor, but he and Allison had a date once a month, eating lunch, going to a movie or just talking late at night. Even a common date like that made Miguel happy.
 One day in the library in Georgetown University, Miguel was distressed. He didn't want to be an ordinary doctor but a member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF is an NPO and a doctor who belongs to MSF treats the poor all over the world. Therefore if Miguel became a member of MSF, he couldn't be with Allison, so he couldn't make a decision. As time passed, his head was full of these worries, and one night in autumn, he called Allison.
 "Hi, Allison. How are you?"
    "Ah, the temperature has begun to drop rather low here these days, but I'm OK. How about you, Miguel? How are your studies going? Well?"
    "Yes, they are going well. I'm trying hard, but, uh...."
He kept silent a little time. She sensed that something was strange at once, and broke the silence earlier than Miguel.
"If you're keeping something from me, tell me everything without worries. It's all right, Miguel."
 Hearing this, Miguel felt that he'd been released from pain completely. Then he decided to tell the truth and....
 After five years, Miguel is at an airport to fly to India as an  MSF doctor. Allison and two babies that look like Miguel are there to see him off. 

Hiroaki S's story

     Two months after his mother was arrested, Kevin got a job working in a convenience store. He was working at his part time job when a robbery happened. He captured the robbers. Ellie, by chance, walked by. She praised him and he got a big award from the police. He was in the paper and after that he was on TV. After that, he had girlfriends and enrolled in a flight school. Three years later he became a pilot and he flew all over the world. After, he lived in Tahiti. He married and had two children and he whiled away the rest of his life.

You can read the original versions of Shin and Hiroaki S's stories here: 

Please leave a comment. Let us know what you think of these stories and also tell us what you think of this project.

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