Tuesday, July 05, 2011

英語総合1A Global Issues Unit 9 Gender & Language and Assignment 2

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to talk about gender and language. First let's scan Unit 9 for words we don't understand and add them to our flashcards on Quizlet.

Today we will be learning a little about the American anthropologist Margaret Mead. You can learn more about her from wikipedia in English and Japanese.
Your next assignment is to watch an interview with Miho, a young Japanese woman who lived and studied overseas. The video comes from The Daily English Show episode #320.


  1. Yukihiro3:48 am

    I think that Mihodid very enviable experience because I want to study abroad. I want to speak English.English is very necessary communication tool and expand peaple's network.
    But I can understand by watching and listening. It is very severe and difficult things.
    I think that she had very strong belief and she is sora loser. Because when she was ostracized English kid's,she had beeb studied English more and more and she worked really hard. If I was in such a situation,I was broken.
    In such a situation,Miho had been studied English and her interestiing things.
    Such a severe situation is very valuable thing.
    I want to have such a strong belief and I continue stading English and interesting things.

  2. Shohei5:51 pm

    I was surprised to listen to her English. I have never met a Japanese speaking English like her. I've met a Japanese speaking like American before because because American English is more familiar in Japan. I think people in Japan didn't think Miho was speaking English, because British English is not familiar in Japan. I think that's why she had a culture shock in Japan. She said she was bullied. Then her English got so good. I agree with her. I think people can't learn language in case of not being in the extreme condition. The strong will to tell something is a shortcut to learn language I think.

  3. Miyuki11:41 pm

    It felt that it was difficult to overcome the difference of the word more than I thought. It is not possible to understand in surprise if I experienced the same situation as her. Because I do not understand the reason why English is distinguished by the speaker. For example "sound like Japanese speaker of English".
    I think that there may be the difference by the speaker by you. Because I am common tool in English to the world. the people of the more might live in overseas this ahead. I think a good effect to be born from the difference of the culture.

  4. I want to study in foreign country,but I will go to language school first,if I go to abroad to learn English.However, if English kids hold me for dersion, I will lose my confidence about speaking English and I may think about going back to Japan.However, I think such an experience and to put in a situation where I have to speak English help me to study harder, learn real English,and my feelings express to others properly.I want to be thought that I was born in foreign country and I want to be puzzled about switching between Japanese and English like Miho.

  5. Sayumi8:51 am

    I think her career is really awesome. Because she tried to do what she wanted and keeps trying to study now. She has an aim with her action. I respect that she decided to study abroad and tried to study not only English but also Italian. In addition, she uses her English skill for job after she came back to Japan. She got a job while she stayed in London. After she came back to Japan, she started a job which is for oversea. I would like to make a living oversea, and go and see many countries on business.

  6. Erika8:52 am

    To be a good English speaker, it is certainly important that to spent a lot of time listening to native speakers of English and to put in a situation where you have to speak the English. But if you were only trying to reduce talking with you know people who speak English as a second language, you can't talk to foreigners either as long as being shy. I think trying to become less hesitant and more confident is more important. So I want to try more active communication, and more time to speak English with anyone, to my English become more fluent.

  7. Ryotaro9:01 am

    first,I was impressed by Miho's many experiences I think that it was hard for her to learn English,Italian,hospitality management and internal relation at the same time in England.
    But their experiences makes her.I wantto acquire experiences in abroad for my brilliant future!
    Second,the words that "you have to be put in the situation that you have to speak the language for studying abroad" impressed me.I think that such an effort is also necessary to change me. We study English in just the desk.We should learn English by speaking in the situation.

  8. Yoshihiro9:05 am

    I'm impressed her way of life. Initially, she was just going to stay in England for six month and study English, but surprisingly, she decided to go on to a college and university there. I don't know why she did that, but I guess she had steady determination about her interest. I think that many japanese people areinactive to study some subject in foreign country, so she is cool. moreover, she worked really hard and learned English because she wanted to convince English kids that she was capable of speaking English properlly.
    All in all, her experience tells me that passion of going abroad and study hard are important. I want to follow her!

  9. Kunika9:21 am

    when I listen to the experience of Miho, I thought that I did not want to go abroad more than before. if I go to the foreign country, i can not to speak to strangers because of my shy. And I have a lot of likes and dislikes of food. So I am not to be able to accustomed to eating habits. For Miho's experience, Japanese have many difference culture in foreign country. If I go to foreign country, I don't want to have different culture. That why I do not go to foreign country.

  10. Chihiro9:52 am

    I think shi is a person with courage.Because she
    had stayed for studying hospitality management,
    international relations, and Italian for a long time in England,I do not have such courage.
    Because I can not speak English and I am not good at having contact with foreign country people. But I want to know other country culture
    and communicate many people. So, I think that I
    have to study English more hard.
    And I think she is so cool person. Because it is
    difficult for me to hope to work in the world.