Sunday, July 10, 2011

基礎英吾1A Writing Task 6: Comparing and Contrasting two cities

Hello everyone,
Today is the last class! Today we will finish our last task, a compare and contrast paragraph about two cities.
First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click this link Comparatives.
Now let's practice using compare and contrast signal words. Please click this link: Comparison and Contrast Exercise #1.
Next, please read this blog post comparing two cities in Turkey. The English isn't perfect, but I think it will help you. Please click this link: Compare and Contrast Two Cities.

Now look at the pictures below. The first picture is of Bangkok, Thailand. The picture below that is Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  What are the similarities and differences between Bangkok and Montreal. Please read the paragraph below.

Bangkok skyline
There are some similarities and some differences between Bangkok and Montreal. On the one hand, both cities are built on rivers. Montreal is built on the St. Lawrence River, and Bangkok is built on the Chao Phraya River. Both Montreal and Bangkok have great food. Montreal has some of the best French restaurants in the world. Bangkok has many kinds of delicious curry. Both cities are business centres. Montreal is the business centre of the province of Quebec, and it used to be the business centre of Canada until the 1970s. Bangkok is the business centre of Thailand.

On the other hand Montreal and Bangkok are very different too. Bangkok has a larger population than Montreal. Bangkok also has more pollution. It's much dirtier than Montreal. Bangkok is also much hotter than Montreal.There is more rain in Bangkok than Montreal too. As you can see, in some ways Montreal and Bangkok are similar, but in other ways they are very different.

Port of Montreal
Now look at your first draft. Check the error codes written on your paper. Rewrite the paragraph. Correct your mistakes. your final draft is due on Thursday night at 6 pm. Enjoy!

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