Friday, December 10, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-2B Case Closed!

Well we've finished reading Death on U Street. I think the story was great. Today we are going to review the story. First, let's review the vocabulary. Click this link: 応用英語1-2B Reading Do the Drill Beta once and play the Brain speed game once.

Now click this link to review the events in the story: Death on U Street Timeline 1. Copy the timeline onto a piece of loose leaf paper. Next, review the story and add in any more important events.Include events from the timeline on p.111. Also scan pp. 121, 124, 125, 132, 148. Look at pp. 111 and 148. What time was Terry Sweet murdered?

After that write a summary of the story on p.14 in your Detective's notebook.
Finally, write a review of the story. Maybe Adam and Marcos will read your reviews and write a reply. Post your review as a comment below.


  1. Kazunari12:09 pm

    I liked Death on steat because I studied the Inverted Eagle first semester but then I couldn't understand the story. now I could understand the story.

  2. Megumi I12:11 pm

    I disliked Death on U Street because Terry and Ling Cane is flirt,but they had a bad relationship.

    My favorite character was Sara Sweet because she seems honest person.She is honestly spoken that the married couple relations were not good.

    I'd like to read another story like this because this Whodunit Story 2:Death on U Street is not like,but it is so interesting!Maybe,another story is so interesting.

  3. Yuki I12:11 pm

    I liked death om U street.
    because I like detective story.very exciting.
    My favorite character was ellie.
    because she is high reasoning very cool.

  4. Ryo Takamichi12:13 pm

    I diskiked Death on U street, because this story is very complicated to me.

    My favorite character was Natalie Wells. Because she was nice saport Ellie.

    I'd wouldn't like to read another story like this. Because this story was complete Chapter6.

  5. Hiromu S12:13 pm

    I liked "Death on U Street"
    because this story's character have very complex rerationships.
    Especially, Roland Walker is very interesting character.
    To Sara, to Mench, to Terry. These relation and his feeling diffelant.
    He was finaly criminal for blackmailing.
    but, I like Roland Walker mach.

  6. T.takaaki12:14 pm

    Hi, I'm Takaaki.
    so like the "Death on U street" because I suprise about this story's payoff.
    because Ling Cane under arrest, it is not matter for me. but Roland Walker underarest too.
    I was suprised sbout Roland Walker done.
    He blackmiled Lio Mench!? I couldn't umbilivable!! because I thought Ling Cane black mailed, but it was wrong! Roland did it!
    I couldn't expected it!

  7. I liked Death on U street. This story is very interesting. Because I like find the criminal. But this story is scary. So The Inverted Eagle like the better.

  8. I like Death on U Street,because this story was many suspect.And all character was like a criminal.
    My favorite character was Eliana Koo,because Ellie is very cool.I want to be a detective like her.
    I'd like to read another story like this,because I like mystery.

  9. megumi T12:20 pm

    I disliked Death Street because I find it so hard. I don't know much about crime's word. I need to study more.

    My favourite character was Ellie because She is bravery and wisdom. She's action is smart. I like she.

    I wouldn't like to read another story like this because it's no fun. I think intersting story but not be easily understandable.

  10. Yuma H2:40 pm

    I like Death on U Street because very interesting story.

    My favourite character Ellie because various doubts were examined having it.

    I`d like to read another story like this because this story is read and it was interested.

  11. kenshi t4:28 pm

    I like this story "Death On U Street"
    It amazed me to know that all of 3 owners were under arrest.

    In my opinion,story2 is more interesting than story1.Story2 made me think very much about who and how did the crime?And why?What is the clue?
    So I enjoyed reading very much.

    I would like to read another storys that officer Yokota is the main character.

  12. Michinori K5:52 pm

    I liked Death On U Street because this story made me imagine that who was murderer and want to read more and more. My favorite character was Sofia because I liked her conversation with Ellie. The conversation made me feel warm and fuzzy.
    I'd like to read another story like this because I think that another story will also be very interesting.

  13. TAKASHI Y5:55 pm

    I liked Death on Ustreet because I like this story and interesting.
    My favorite character was a Eliana Koo because
    she is smart.
    I'd like to read another story like this because
    this story is interesting.

  14. Rina.I9:19 pm

    I like Death on U Street because It was interesting that the expectation was betrayed to the last minute and the criminal did not understand.

  15. Chika T7:40 pm

    I like Death on U Street because it was interesting.
    I did not understand climinal to the end.
    And I did not think that be arrested two person.

  16. Anonymous9:15 am

    Hello class! I really enjoyed reading your comments about Death on U Street and I'm glad that so many people liked it. As a writer, you are never going to write a book that is perfect for everybody, but it seems like most of you enjoyed it so that pleases me a lot.

    I like Kenshi's idea about writing a story with Yokota as the main character! I need to write a few more mystery stories soon, so if I do, I might take Kenshi's suggestion. If I do, maybe I will give Yokota a brother... and name him Kenshi!

    If any of you want to become fans of the Whodunit page on Facebook, go to