Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語1-3A Writing Lesson 11 An ideal Partner

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Today we prepare for our next task. Our next task is a paragraph describing our ideal partner. First, let's learn some new words. Click this link: 応用英語1-3A Writing.

Now let's look at a paragraph written by a student at Shibaura Institute of Technology.

My Ideal Partner by Yuri K.
Adapted from an image uploaded to Flickr by Mark Sebastian

               What kind of partner do I want? First, I want a partner who likes traveling because I want to go to a lot of places around the world with my partner. I like traveling very much. I’d like to go to Italy someday. I sometimes go to Tokyo to see the architecture. It is a very interesting time for me. Second, I would like a partner who likes animals because I like animals very much. I want to have a dog in the future. I think a person who likes animals is kind person. Third, I would like a partner who likes eating because I like cooking very much. I want to cook a lot of dishes for him. When I cook, if he doesn't eat my dishes, I will feel very sad.

I think Yuri's paragraph is very good. I think you can write a good paragraph too.
Your first draft is due next Tuesday, 7 July 2010, at 6 pm;

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