Friday, June 18, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語1-2A Reading Lesson 10 Chapter 5 Review and Chapter 6

Hello everyone!
Today we will do a quick review of Chapter 5 then we'll discuss Chapter 6. I have added two new suspects to our mindmap. Please look at the image below. The new suspects are in red.

The Suspects #2

Now look at your comments from last lesson. Click this link: Lesson 9. Who do the most people think did the crime?

OK, now lets review some vocabulary. Click this link: 応用英語1-2A Reading Vocabulary List.

Finally, what did you think of the story. Please write a letter to Marcus Benevides and Adam Gray telling them what you thought of the story. Post your letter as a comment below.


  1. h093224d10:32 am

    Crime story is difficult but interesting.

  2. Kana Nozaki12:06 pm

    I don't like story...
    Because,this story is difficult and don't like happning story.

  3. Kenichi.A12:10 pm

    Dear Mr, benerides and Mr Gray,

    This history is dificult for me.
    Because This history is very long history.
    And I don't know this history.

  4. Makoto K12:10 pm

    I don't like sorry.
    Because story is very long.I like short story.But story is interested.

  5. yoshitakeF12:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides
    and Mr.Gray

    I like this story very much.
    It is fun to think of all character,
    but Reading "Whodunit" is hard a little because I'm not used to read a English.
    By the way, my favorite character is Kevin.
    I think he look like me. But I'm university student!

  6. Hideaki Y12:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Benerides and Mr Gray,
    I like it, because this story is Feelings of various people were written.

  7. Erika I12:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray,

    I like this story because it was difficult to know the criminal.I think easy story is boring.I enjoyed solving these puzzles.

    sincerely,Erika I.

  8. Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray,
    I like "The Inverted Eagle".
    Also puzzle was very nice.
    I want to be nice detective like Ellie.
    Ami K.

  9. Tomomi.O12:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr Gray,
    I'm sorry, I didn't like the inverted eagle because it was too difficult. please write easy story.

  10. Yuta.M12:11 pm

    Dear Mr.benerides and Gray

    This content is very.
    It was difficult in a deep, long sentences.

  11. Yutaka K12:11 pm

    Dear Mr.Benerides and Mr.Gray

    This story is very pleasant and very difficuit.Because, tricks and family relation are very elaborate.But I'm sorry,I'm so-so weak English. Therefore,please righting a little more easy English.

  12. Katsuya I12:11 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides
    and Mr.Gray,
    I don`t like this story. because this story is difficult.

  13. Yuka W12:11 pm

    Dear Mr.Berevides and Mr.Gray.
    I like this story.
    Becouse it was the development that a point did not understand.

  14. Yuichi.K12:11 pm

    Dear Mr.benerides and Mr Gray,
    I like this book because this book's characters is indevidual. I want to more see a picture.
    sincerely, Yuichi.K

  15. haruna.s12:12 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray,
    I like this story because puzzle is very interesting.
    and this story is difficult but i had fun.
    thank you.

    sincerely,haruna s.

  16. Hiromu.S12:12 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray,

    I don't like this story much. Because I think the mystery story is person die. but this story is anyone didn't die.
    losing crisis.

    sorry,English is difficult.


  17. Dear Mr.Benevides ard Mr Gray,
    I like story because, very interesting and I like figure out a puzzle.
    Sincerly Eri I.

  18. MasanaoE12:12 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray

    I like this story,because this story was very exiciting.

    I like detective Koo because she is very hard work.

    sincerely Masanao E.

  19. Kazunari.W12:12 pm

    Dear Mr.Benerides and Mr.Gray,
    I couldn't read this story.
    Because It is difficult for me to read this story.
    Please I hope more easy story.
    Otherwise I can't take grade...

    Thank you for reading.
    Kazunari W.

  20. Takashi12:13 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray,I like this
    crime story because solve oneself a mystery.
    qincerely,Takashi Y.

  21. Masahito W12:13 pm

    Dear Mr. Benevides
    and Mr. Gray

    Thank you gave me this story. I like this story.
    I thought Mr.and Mrs. Reed was die. but I surpriced that they are lives.

    This story is very very intersting, but more difficult for me.

    Masahito W

  22. Tomoko Hosoya12:15 pm

    Dear Mr.Benevides and Mr.Gray.
    I like this story because I like detective's story. I don't understand guilty all the way. So I amazed last story. i enjoyed this story.

    Tomoko H.

  23. Takaaki.T12:15 pm

    Dear Mr Benevides and Mr Gray.
    I can`t read santence of Einglish. so I can`t understand it`s stoties and details.
    but, I like this story. because, it was so easy to read for readers I think.
    than you for exelent story. It`s useful for studing English.

    2010 6.18 T.T

  24. Michinori K11:02 am

    Dear Mr.Benevides
    and Mr.Gray

    I like this story because I think this story is very profound and I enjoy to have a think that who is suspect. First, I think kevin Reed is suspect, But I was confused when I move through a book. I think this story is very good.

    Michinori K.

  25. Anonymous12:14 pm

    To Mr. Stout's students:

    Thank you very much for your honest comments. We are very happy that so many of you liked the story. We know it is a little difficult, but we tried to make it interesting enough that you would still want to read it even though it is a challenge.

    Did you find that it became a little bit easier to understand, chapter by chapter? Once you become comfortable with the characters, the style, and vocabulary like "detective", "motive", "clue", etc., you should begin to naturally read faster and more easily. (But of course, if you miss a chapter, then it becomes very difficult again!)

    I hope you get a chance to read the second story. Most of my students enjoy the second story more. It's called "Death on U Street", so at least Hiromu will be happy... ;-)

    Maybe some of you didn't like the story because you don't like detective stories. If so, that's okay. Learning what kind of story you DON'T like is also important. In the future you can try a romance, or science fiction, or something different. Even if you didn't like Whodunit, please continue to enjoy reading--that's the important thing!

    By the way, Adam is writing an easier story now, but that won't be ready until next year. But by then, you guys will be reading at an even HIGHER level, right? ;-)

    Thanks again for the comments, and best of luck in the future!

    PS: I love the mind map of the suspects!

  26. kenshi2:37 pm

    Dear Mr Benevides and Gray.
    I've finished reading this story "The Inverted Eagle" I love this story.New evidences and facts were discovered one after another.So I was absorbed in this story.Characters in this story were also wonderful.thank you for great story!
    Sincerely Kenshi

  27. Yuuki S3:16 pm

    Dear Mr Benevides and Mr Gray,
    I like story because it is a good lesson for me. I don't read much this story but I study english to read story. Thank you.
    Sincerely Yuuki S.

  28. Students - I enjoyed reading all of your comments. I am sorry that some of you thought the story was too difficult. Like Marcos said, we didn't want to make it too easy because we want you to challenge yourselves and push your English to the next level.

    Death on U Street is another fun story. I hope that your experiences with The Inverted Eagle will help you with the 2nd story.

    I am working on an easier story now, which will come out in 2011.

    Thanks again for all of your amazing comments.

    Adam Gray