Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語1-3A Writing Students make fotobabbles about their special places

Today students in the writing class at Toyo Gakuen University made fotobabbles about their special places.
Image from fotobable facebook page.

Fotobabble is a web 2.0 application that, "enables you to create Talking Photos in just three clicks".
At the beginning of the class I returned the students second drafts of their "My Special Place" task. Like the first drafts, I error coded the second drafts. I didn't require the students to correct their second drafts before they recorded a fotobabble, and some students simply read and recorded their second drafts without any editing, but others were keen to edit. Perhaps this fotobabble task motivated some students to edit again.
Links to the students' fotobabbles are below. I hope you will view some of them and leave a comment for my students. Enjoy!

Akira's Special Place, Manae's Special Place, Kaname's Special Place, Aya Y.'s Special Place, Misato's Special Place, Koutarou's Special Place, Ryuhei's Special Place, Chen's Special Place, Reika's Special Place, Kohei's Special Place, Kousuke's Special Place, Kousei's Special Place,Tatsuya's Special Place, Atsuko's Special Place, Ai's Special Place, Aya S.'s Special Place. Rie's Special Place,


  1. Dear Akira, Manae,Kamame, Aya, Misato, Koutarou, Ryuhei, Chen, Reika, Kohei, Kousuke, Kousei, Tatsuya, Atsuko, Ai, Aya S., and Rie,

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see your special places, and hear your stories! It's so much fun for me. Thank you also, Michael Stout, for encouraging your students to write, write, write--and to bring their stories to life.

    Warm regards from New York,

  2. Curtis Kelly7:51 am

    Hi students,

    Did you see a comment from Arlen? She is one of the authors of this book. She lives in New York. I am the other author. I live in Kyoto. I'm very inspired by what your teacher is doing and the stories you wrote. I want to do this with my students too.

    Thanks for sharing these part of your life.