Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Homestay Class 2009 Semester 2 Lesson 7

1. Image0002 by Katsuhito, 2. P2009_0909_204200 by Mr. Suzuki, 3. Hamburger and peperontino by Sohei, 4. Cake By Rena, 5. JANANESE SUSHI by Hideaki, 6. A lunch set from the Togaku Cafeteria

Today will continue studying about food and table manners. Above you can see some pictures of food. Students in this class took the pictures. Choose a picture you like, click the link. Write a comment and ask a question.

Now let's learn about meals and manners in America, Britain and Canada. Click this link:

Finally, exciting news! Sasa has replied to your comments about the videos her students made. Click here to read her reply: What makes Slovenia unique?

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