Friday, November 20, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University FE2-Reading: Grammarman and Comics made by Students!

Today was the midterm exam. You must be tired. Let's finish the lesson with something fun!
Here are some videos of a cartoon character called Grammarman.  We have visited the Grammarman website before. We read the Frankenstein comic on the Grammarman website. Watch the videos. There are eight grammar mistakes in the first video. Can you find them?

Now let's read some comics made by students from around the world. These students are learning English - just like you! Some are Brian Boyd's students in Thailand. Brian Boyd is an English teacher in Bangkok and the creator of Grammarman.
Click this link: Student Comics Galleries. Read the comics in Gallery 1 and answer the questions on the Study Gallery Quiz. The Student Gallery Quiz is in the lecture folder.

OK! Go for lunch. See you next week!

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