Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Homestay English 2009 2nd Semester Lesson 6

1. Kentaro's photo, 2. Sohei's photo, 3. Rena's photo, 4. Yuta's photo, 5. Ryota's photo, 6. Kenshiro's photo, 7. Kengo's photo, 8. Japanese JINJYA by Hideaki, 9. Mt.Fuji by Yuuma, 10. Sarusima by Minami, 11. A tower in Osaka by Minami, 12. River, 13. Disposal center, 14. Dog, 15. 090309_1126~01, 16. 090902_1624~01, 17. Katsuhiro's room, 18. Kengo's room, 19. KC3D0245, 20. 091027_0946~010001

Hello again everyone!
Look at the mozaic above. Our flickr photostream is getting better and better! Click on one of the links and make a comment on the picture, and ask a question.

Now let's review some vocabulary. After that I have more exciting news! Click this link:TYG 応用英語 English Vocabulary List Please do an iKnow, a dictation, and a Brainspeed lesson.

OK, now the exciting news! People from Japan, Ireland, and Brazil have watched your videos!! Please read the comments made by your classmates and others. Please write a reply.

Homestay Class Videos 1
Homestay Class Videos 2
Now, for homework please take some photos of your favourite food. Upload them to our flickr photostream.

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