Friday, October 23, 2009

英語総合1B - Michael Pritchard's Water Filter

Last lesson we learned that we can make water safer by using a water filter. Next lesson we are going to read about reclaimed water. Watch this video about an amazing invention. You can watch the video with Japanese subtitles. Click "View subtitles" next to the play button on the video player. After you watch the video, answer the questions. Bring your answers to class next Tuesday. If you can't understand, send me an e-mail (もうし分からなくたらメールして下さい)

  1. Why did Pritchard invent the Lifesaver bottle?
  2. Why is the filter in the lifesaver bottle so good?
  3. What is the benefit of processing water at the source?
  4. How much money is needed to make water safe for everyone in the world?


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    1.For more anyone know goodpoint about lifeserver.
    2.Pilio virus elminate bad things.
    3.For getting place to get water.
    4.20bilion dollars.
    Sorry Mr.Stout.
    I cannot choose identity so I checked "Anonymous".
    From Kenta Nakao.

  2. Kentaro10:19 am

    I chose use both sides of sheets of water.
    Because it is easy.

  3. Hiromasa M11:53 am

    I chose cut back on bottle water because I think bottle water don't need for me.