Thursday, October 01, 2009

Introduction to Business English B Lesson 3

Last lesson we talked about two famous people, Mercedes Erra and Bill Gates. Let's review.
Make a list of 3 things you can remember about each person.
Next, let's review some vocabulary and learn some new vocabulary too. Click the link: TYG Introduction to Business English List 2.
Now look at the picture below. Do you know this man? Use your imagination. Write 3 words. Describe the man's personality.

The man in the picture above is An Wang. Open the lecture folder. Double click the document called AnWang_CV.doc. Read An Wang's curriculum vitae. Write 3 questions about An Wang. For example: What is An Wang's address? Then give your questions to your partner. Your partner will answer your questions. Answer your partner's questions.
Now scan An Wang's C.V. for words that you do not know. Add these words to our vocabulary list.
Finally, open the lecture folder again. Double click the file called C.V. Template.doc . Fill in the document with your information. When you are finished you will have your own C.V. !
Click this links for more great links about writing a c.v.
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