Friday, September 26, 2008

Toyo Gakuen University Interest-based English: Travel Lesson 2

Unit 2: Can I have your passport, please?
Today we are going to learn how to speak to an immigration officer.
First, Let's learn some useful vocabulary. Click this link: Travel English.
Let's play some games with the new vocabulary. Click this link: TYG Travel English.
Let's practice key vocabulary from Passport using vocabulary flash cards made by a Togaku student. Click this link: Daiki's Travel English Vocabulary List.
Now let's practice speaking to an immigration officer. Click this link: Passport On-line Activities.
Let's also do some listening practice. Click this link: Immigration and Customs
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  1. Mr,Stout I got it.I can find the way to leave messages in public.Click another button,I make it.Thank you for your help.So,you go to many foreign countries,I want to go ,also.We learn how to cope with entrance officers,when I went to Australia,entrance officer make an error.He write my name in my passport,but that spelling was wrong.My name is Akira Tsuchiya,maybe it is hard for Australians to write a spell of my name.