Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shibaura Institute of Technology Class Rules for the 2nd Semester of 2009

Today was the first day of classes for students in my 英語総合1B (Global Issues 2) and my Writing 1B courses. As usual, we made some rules. The students in 英語総合1B made the rules in the picture below.

Rules for Students Fall 2009-1

The students in Writing 1B made the rules in the picture below.

Rules for Students Fall 2009-2

The students made some rules for me too. You can see them in the pictures below.

Rules for the Teacher Fall 2009-2

My favourite rules for me are:
  • Michael mustn't use violence on students
  • Michael must love his students
You can see the class rules made by students in previous classes too.

A note for teachers:
My "Class Rules" posts have been the most popular with you. I'd like to know what you think of these class rules. Please leave a comment. Also, thanks to Michelle Henry and Larry Ferlazzo for all the referrals.


  1. "Micharl should remember his student's name" is pretty funny.LOL
    long time no seen and talk by the way but how is everything going?:)

  2. I love the must not sleep in class one. When I taught in China, my kids would often fall asleep, eat noodles from under their desks etc. They thought I should clean the blackboard too!