Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Toyo Gakuen University Homestay English: Christmas in Tarragona

Today we are going to learn about Christmas in Tarragona, a city in Northern Spain. We are going to watch slideshows by students in one of our International Sister Classes. They are students at a school called IES Collblanc.
Please do the following:
  • Open the lecture folder
  • Save the file called "Tarragona" to your personal folder (自分のふぉフォルダー)
  • Click the link: TARRAGONA & CHRISTMAS
  • Log in to Student Showcase
  • Watch the slideshows.
  • Do the tasks on your tasksheet.
  • Write a comment about the slideshows. Include:
    • Your first name (名前)
    • Thank you
    • Your impression of Tarragona (~の[に対する]印象を述べる)
    • Your impression of Christmas in Tarragona

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