Friday, December 12, 2008

東洋学園大学 Annual Christmas Party in the English Lounge

Yesterday was a special day at Toyo Gakuen University. It was the annual Christmas Party. It was fun.
Cara taught students and teachers how to decorate gingerbead men. Many students enjoyed decorating gingerbread men.
Trang taught students and teachers how to make Christmas cards. Everyone made beautiful cards.
There was food including: sandwiches, cookies, Japanese Christmas cake and German Christmas cake. Also, Cara made humus. It was delicious. Humus is Middle Eastern food. It's not traditional Christmas food but it's healthy and delicious.
Mr Hardy was the Bingo caller again this year. He did a fine job. There were other games too.
There was a performance of Amazing Grace by Toyo Gakuen's gospel choir too. The highlight of the party was the raffle. Nobu won the iPod. Congratulations Nobu!

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  1. I’m so admire that Nobu got ipod! Congratulation Nobu!