Friday, December 05, 2008

東洋学園大学 Interest-based English - Travel: Peace Boat and Global English Special Presentation

Today Takahashi Maho and Chris Massey from Peace Boat gave a special presentation in the Travel English class. The topic was Global English. We learned some interesting things including:
  • There are about 2,000,000,000 English speakers in the world
  • There are only about 400,000,000 native speakers of English in the world
  • Only about 10% of all the English spoken in the world is between native speakers
  • There is no "correct" English
We learned that the following sentences were correct in some countries:
  • I went play in the park. (Hawaiian English)
  • I am understanding it. (Indian English)
  • Him will do it. (Jamaican English)
  • Yous are amazing! (American English)
  • This book you want or not? (Singaporean English)
The lessons we learned were:
  • There is no correct English
  • We should be proud of our accent
  • Global English belongs to everyone

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  1. Minato12:22 am

    Hi, Mr.Stout.
    I knew that I didn't know "English" in the last class.
    Languages are interesting! but they are difficult ...
    I do my best.
    For example, Final Exam.