Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Toyo Gakuen University Freshman English 4 - Semester 2 Test 1 Study Guide

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The time has come. You will take your first test of semester 2 in your next class. Here's your task:

Roles: Caller, Receiver
Situation: There's a Hallowe'en Party in the English Lounge
A. Caller
  1. Call your new English friend Chrissie.
  2. When a different person answers your call, ask if you can leave a message for your friend.
  3. Leave a message:
a. Say your name
b. Spell your name
c. Say your telephone number
d. Say the day, time, and location of the party

B. Receiver
  1. Answer the call
  2. Take a message
  3. Check the information: caller's name, telephone number, details of the message
Click these links to prepare for the test:
Unit 7 - Special Occasions
Taking and leaving a phone message
Pronunciation of "th"

Remember! If you prepare and practice you will get an "A".

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