Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Toyo Gakuen University IE-12 Music: Project 1 - Music Genres. Lesson 3

Today we will begin our voicethread project. Before we begin our project, let's watch an interview with Ken Hirai. After you watch the interview, take the quiz.

Now let's start our project.
If you haven't decided which genre you want to research, click this link to find lists of music styles:
If you have decided which genre that you want to research, find the wikipedia page that you need. Here are some links for popular musical genres: Rock, J-Pop, Traditional Japanese music, Gospel, Classical, Blues, World Music, Hip Hop, Trance, Jazz, R&B.

Look at the picture below. The picture shows you where to click to see a wikipedia article in Japanese.
Here's a link to help you find pictures:
You can also find pictures on flickr. Click here:
Also, please read this article about copyright:著作権
Finally, please read this article about Creative Commons licences:

Ok, let's get started!

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