Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Markets in Germany Part 2

I travelled in Germany from the twenty-first of December to the twenty-seventh of December.

Look at the map below. Germany is the dark green shape on the map, in the middle of Europe.

I went to Germany in order to visit some Christmas Markets. Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. The first Christmas market was in Dresden in 1434 CE. Christmas markets are open in Germany every year. They open in the month of advent. I visited Christmas markets in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Nuremburg. Look at the map below. I started my trip in Frankfurt. I stayed one night in Frankfurt. Then I went to Stuttgart. I stayed one night in Stuttgart. Then I went to Nuremberg. I stayed in Nuremberg for two nights. Then I went back to Frankfurt. On the twenty-sixth of December, I made a day trip to Koln. Koln is called Cologne in English. I returned to Frankfurt the same day. I left Germany the next day. If you click the map below you can see the route I took during my travels in Germany.

This map is a modified version of a map available from wikipedia on

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  1. oh, wow! Mr.Stout.
    this is amazing. seems you had very nice christmas in Germany. i also want to visit Germany one day.:-)