Friday, January 04, 2008

The Christmas Market in Stuttgart

On my second day in Germany I bought a first-class twin German Rail Pass. This pass was called "twin" because two people could use it. I could use the pass on four days in one month. It cost three hundred and fifty Euros. We decided to pay extra and get a first-class pass because the trains were very crowded. Many people were taking the trains to come home for Christmas. We could reserve a seat easily because we had a first-class pass.

The train we used was the ICE (Intercity Express). It's a high speed train like the shinkansen in Japan. The ICE isn't as fast as the shinkansen but it is MUCH more comfortable. Some ICE carriages have video, music and internet access.

The first place we went to was Stuttgart. The Stuttgart Christmas market is the biggest.
The Stuttgart Christmas market is in the centre of the city. Most of it is in the old part of the city but some of it is in the new part too. It's very big!

This is St. Eberhard's Cathedral. The main cathedral is often the centre of an old European city.

There were many crafts and sweets for sale at the Christmas market including nutcracker figures and lebkuchen.
There were also very delicious sweets like this bun filled with a sugar and cinnamon paste and covered in vanilla sauce.

The Christmas market was very beautiful at night. It closed at nine o'clock.

The next day I got on the train again. I had a semi-private compartment. It was very comfortable.

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  1. hi! mr.stout...happy new year!
    i saw ur niceeeee:)
    im really interested in germany..
    is there nice?
    i really wanna go!
    did u speak germany at there? lol

    anyway... have a nice year!

    yuka from 3kaede