Friday, October 05, 2007

A Visit to the Doctor

Here's a video to help you with American Headway 2 Unit 8 p.65, Everyday English: A visit to the Doctor. This video is in English and Korean. So, by watching it you can learn a little Korean too!
Below is some vocabulary to help you on a visit to a doctor in an English speaking country:

1 diarrhea 下痢
2 food poisoning 食中毒
3 flu インフルエンザ
4 hurt 痛む
5 swollen glands リンパ腺がはれた
6 nauseous 吐き気を催させる
7 swallow のむ、のみこむ
8 sneeze くしゃみをする
9 runny nose 水洟。鼻水を出ている
10 ankle 足首
11 ache 痛む
12 temperature 気温、体温
13 examine 診る
14 pharmacy ファーマシー、薬局
15 infection 伝染
16 medication 薬物
17 prescribe しょほうせんを書く
18 symptom 病気の徴候、症状
19 illness 病気


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