Monday, October 15, 2007

Famous People: Utada Hikaru
Toyo Gakuen University FE3-Listening Homework Assignment 2

In American Headway 2 Unit 7 we have been listening to people talk about fame and famous people. Here's a homework assignment to practice the listening skills we have been learning in class.

Watch the video. Answer the questions on the task sheet that was e-mailed to you. This assignment is due Wednesday 24 October.

After you watch the video please post a comment. Please tell me:
  1. if you liked the video.
  2. why you liked the video or why you didn’t like the video.
  3. which listening strategies you used before you watched the video, and which listening strategies you used while watching the video.
  4. If you liked this homework assignment.


  1. kenji kamata1:21 pm

    1. I liked the video.

    2.Because I didn't have so much opportunity to know about her when she was in US

    I read the questions before I watch the clip.

    Concentrating in specific information that are asked in the HW.

    4. I liked this system since I didnt have to print out the HW, but on the other hand some people(or only me) might request the feedback so maybe it is better to hand in.

  2. Daisuke Aoki5:14 pm

    1.I liked the video.

    2.Because I like UtadaHikaru.and her music too.

    3.I read the questions before I watch the video.and take infomation for the questions.

    4.I didn't like this. I not used to PC so I didn't like this.


  3. Anonymous9:36 pm

    17 s.t

    (a)It's good to listen alot of kind of videos.

    (c)I was need to listen more carefully.
    (d)This homework was interesting.

  4. Ryo Okamoto9:46 pm


    2.Because I like her songs.

    3.I did prediction.

    4.very good!:)

  5. Yumi Moriya2:21 pm

    1.So so.

    2.I don't like Utada.I'm sorry.

    3.I watchied the video after I used listening strategies.

    4.I enjoyed this homework.

  6. Maiko Onishi2:21 pm

    (a)I didn't like the video.
    (b)Because I don't like Utada Hikaru. and I don't like the singing voice of the woman
    (c)I read a question after have watched a video
    (d)I didn't like this homework. Because I don't like her. Sorry.

  7. Minako Kimura2:27 pm


    (b)Because I like Utada Hikaru.Her song and words are very nice.

    (c)First I read the questions.


  8. miwaco sawada2:30 pm

    (a)I liked the video.

    (b)Because I have never seen that she speaks only English.

    (c)I watched before I read the questions.

    (d)So so.

  9. Yoshiaki Abiko4:55 pm

    1 I liked the video.

    2 Because I haven't known her that well until now.

    3 I read the questions before I listen that video.

    4 I felt this format is interesting
    because we can do the homework and we can know much good information at the same tume.

  10. Daisei Ishiwata1:25 pm

    I liked the video

    Because i like her songs.

    I read a question before watch a video

    I didn't like this. My PC has not Microsoft word.

  11. Yshikazu Asano1:15 pm


    2.Bcause I don't dislike.

    3.I tried prediction but, I couldn't do well.

    4.It was difficult but, I enjoyed.

    I'm sorry for being late.

  12. Akito Mori 181:47 pm, difficult
    2.I couldn't catch
    3.Prediction so

    I'm sorry.I'm late