Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn: the season of English language teaching conferences and other scary things

Every year in Japan, October and November are busy months for English language teachers. Almost every week-end a workshop, seminar, or conference is held.

Today I'd like to tell you about some conferences coming soon.

Every year English Teachers in Japan (ETJ) holds ELT Expos all over Japan. You can find the expo nearest you on by clicking this link. The ETJ Tokyo Expo is at Toyo Gakuen University (Hongo Campus) this year.

The Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) is holding many events in October and November. One of these events is the JALT Second Annual Joint Tokyo Conference.

This event will also be held at Toyo Gakuen University (Hongo Campus). Also, JALT's annual national conference is being held in Tokyo this year.

You can find out about more English Language Teaching events in Japan by visiting the ELT Calendar. There is alway a list of upcoming events on the right side of this blog. Scroll down and look for "ELT Calendar".

I will be presenting at the ETJ Tokyo Expo and the JALT National Conference. I hope to see you there.

photo taken by OiMax on 28/10/06

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  1. Mr.Stout,
    I've sent you my comment about the conference!

    It was a really good experience for me!

    This time, we gave directions from the station to the school. Everybody was really friendly. So I was glad to help them.
    After this job,I could listen to presentations.
    The topics were technical. They were about teaching and education.
    But I tried to listen carefully and concentrate.
    So I could understand sometimes. Also, they not only spoke,but also did activities such as moving around in the room in order to ask questions, and there was singing and gesturing too.
    Also the presentation mood was great. If someone had a question, they asked immediately and there was lots of laughing!!! It was not like a Japanese conference.
    I appreciate the opportunity I had to help with this conference and I want to do it again if i have a chance!!!