Friday, November 24, 2006

About Homelessness in China by Sayaka Eguchi Study Abroad Class of 2007

Homeless people are people who do not have a house to live in. The problem of homelessness is taken up in a lot of countries in the world. It is known well that a lot of people lost their houses by the tidal wave tsunami that happened due to the Sumatra coast earthquake. This is one example of why people lose their houses. In addition, people can become homeless because of poverty. For example, some children live on the streets and they can’t even go to school.
I researched the homeless of China and learned several things.
First of all, some homelessness is caused by natural disasters. In China, the number of people who lose their houses due to natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods has increased. Second, many children are poor, and not able to go to school. They live by selling things and getting food on the road. About 150,000 children are spending life on the road according to Correspondents Report and China 's homeless rate is growing (Taylor, J. (2004) China’s homeless rate growing. Correspondents’ Report 4 May 2004. Retrieved on 24 November 2006 from:
To solve these problems, the Chinese government is taking measures to cooperate with international organizations including UNICEF and the WHO to decrease homeless. Concretely, construction and medical relief facilities are being given as humanitarian aid and the homeless can live on by spending money that the international organizations have collected.
In conclusion, it is necessary to consider homeless now as a whole, not as the problem of one country.

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