Sunday, November 26, 2006

About Homeless People in Russia by Shota Hamamoto Study Abroad Class of 2007

I researched homelessness in Russia. There are a lot homeless in Russia, about 700,000 persons or more. The number one problem is street children. While there are homeless people also in Japan, most homeless people in Japan are adults. However, there are many homeless children in Russia. The reason that they become street children is that they are maltreated by their parents. The number of street children increases every year. When it becomes night, the temperature in Russia becomes minus 20℃. Homeless adults and the street children have died of the cold. Homeless people and street children always live in manholes. They eat things they find in garbage cans and other people's leftovers. Some children living in the street are as young as eight years old. Children that young get sick living in a dirty manhole.

This is a picture of a homeless child coming out of a manhole


  1. Katsuhiro Hayashi9:29 am

    Help!Mr.stout!How are you?I am fine. Ah... I read your news and I supries by your news.What the country to do I think.No people help them why?

  2. Mika Fukushi9:31 am

    I had never heard that the homeless people had lived in the manholes. It will stink! We have to think of a way for them live like us.

  3. Anonymous9:33 am

    I could not belive that kids younger than me or kids that are the same age as me are living on streets.

  4. Anonymous9:34 am

    I wacthed about street childen on TV once. I think the childer was very miserable. because them very young. So I think them should have to stydy.

  5. Hi,Mr.Stout!!!
    Thank you for your comment and thanks for addin my blog to links!!! I am very glad;)
    By the way, its a sad reality that children live in manholes:(
    I can learn about homelessness in overseas by looking your blog:)
    see you tomorrow!!!