Monday, November 13, 2006

2005 1st Year Study Abroad Class Invention Projects

Last Year the students in the 1st year Study Abroad Class at Kanto International High School came up with some very imaginative projects. The presentations they did were very good too. I hope looking at these examples will motivate students in the 1st year Study Abroad Class this year and in the years to come to do good work.


  1. Hi!!! Mr.Stout!!!
    How are you dooing???
    the project of Homelessness!!!
    Its brings me back old memories;)

    By the way, I made new blog because I had a trouble:(

    See you tomorrow;D

  2. Hi Mosquito,
    I'm great. I'm glad the Social Issues project brings back good memories for you.
    As for your blog, I have posted your link on my blog. I have given it the name "mosquito" and I have not mentioned your name. You should remove your real name from your blog. It's best to have a "pen name".You should keep your real name a secret. This is to protect yourself from the many stupid people that abuse the internet.
    Talk to you soon,
    Mr. Stout