Thursday, October 03, 2013

Presentation 2 Autumn 2013 - Welcome

Hello everyone, Welcome. Thank you for choosing Presentation 2. Today I'm going to tell you about the course. Please click the link to download the course outline. In this course you will make three presentations. You will make all your presentations using an online tool called Voicethread. The first presentation is a self introduction presentation. Let's watch a great presentation made last semester.

Your second presentation will be a group presentation. With 2 or 3 partners, you will make slides to present an article on a topic related to your major. After you have made the slides you will read the article aloud and record it.

Finally, you will make a presentation about this university. You will describe the faculty you belong to and tell us about your major too.

Also, starting next week, we will use a great online tool called English Central. You will need to make a premium account. In order to make a premium account, you need to go to the bookstore on campus and buy the voucher shown below.

OK, that's all for today. See you next week!


  1. Hi, Mr. Stout. My name is Yuta. My major is polcy and planning science (it's called POPS) and I'm studying urban plannning. My favorite killing time is to listen to music. I don't like jpop, nether. lol I want to improve my speaking skill so I'm gonna work hard!

  2. my name is Yuji.
    this class was amazing!!

  3. Hello! my name is Sho.
    I attended your spring semester class, so I'm looking forward to study your fall semester class.

  4. TSUKASA9:54 am

    Your lecture is very interesting.
    My English skill is low,but I will try!
    Thank you!

  5. Yusuke9:56 am

    Interesting presentaions make me excited. Thank you.

  6. Hello I'm Yuki. Nice to meet you. Thank you for first lecture. It was exciting and interesting lecture I think. I want to improve my English skills in this lecture.

  7. I'm Yi Huang and I'm from China. My hometown is Changzhou, a city near Shanghai.I'm not good at English so I want to practice speaking English by take this lesson.

  8. Yoshihito9:57 am

    I want to make interesting slide. I have to cooperate to make good presentation with classmate!!

  9. hahaha I didnt know that I can't take this class in this time, I want to take your class in next year if I can.

  10. Kaito9:57 am

    I'm Kaito. I'm from Tokyo.
    This class will be challenging for me.

  11. I think the good point about this class is that you don`t have to stand in front of alot of people and make a presentation!! And I also think this class will be fun and a good chance to speak English.

  12. This class is interesting and very useful because I can learn a lot about the art of giving a presentation.

  13. Professor Stout,

    My name is Yuga.
    I want to develop my pronunciation, so I am looking forward to learn english in this class.
    Thank you very much.

  14. Nobuyo9:59 am

    I like your class because you speak with smiling.
    In this class, I want to develop my speaking skill.
    I don't like j-pop too.

  15. I'm not good at English.
    But this class is interesting!

  16. Nanami10:00 am

    Hi Mr. Michael. It's hard for me to speak English with correct pronunciation.
    So I want to learn good pronunciation through this lecture.

  17. Hi,my name is Yuki. I major in bio-resource sciences. i play icehockey as a goalie of Tsukuba girls ice hockey team. I'm happy to hear that you're big icehockey fan.
    your class is so interesting for me.

  18. Hello. I am Shuhei.
    Your voice is clearly and easy to understand.
    Please support me for my English.

  19. Hello, Mr.Stout. My name is Xueqi.
    This lecture is very interesting.

  20. Takuji6:23 pm

    Hi, my name is Takuji.
    I want to speak English well, so I will try to attend all classes.

  21. hello, I'm Narumi. i mahor in bio-resource science. i want to speak English with good pronunciation.