Monday, October 07, 2013

CE-II Autumn 2013 - Welcome back!

Hello everyone, welcome back!
Today we are going to start our next unit of study. We are going to study....water.
First, lets study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Cross Cultural Awareness and English 2.
Now click the link to download this semester's course outline.

Finally, let's watch a video. Please click the link. The video is a TED Talk. The TED Talk is by a man called Michael Pritchard. Michael Pritchard has invented an amazing water bottle. Watch the video and answer the questions below:

1. Why did Pritchard invent the Lifesaver bottle?
2. Why is the filter in the lifesaver bottle so good?
3. What is the benefit of processing water at the source?
4. How much money is needed to make water safe for everyone in the world?

That's all for today.
See you next week!

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