Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Presentation 2 Spring 2013 Week 11: Project 2

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to work on our second project.

First, let's do some speaking practice using English Central.

Now let's check our Voicethread presentations and listen to any new comments. Look at the image on the left. When there is a new comment on your Voicethread presentation you will see yellow speech bubbles. After listening to the new comments on your presentations, please make another comment of your own.

OK, here are the instructions for our next project:
Your second project is a group project. You should work in groups of four. You will present a text related to your major. I have prepared some texts for you. Here are the steps in the project:
1.     Read the texts
2.     Choose a text related to your major from the choices provided
3.     Listen to the recording and mark the stressed words, the pauses and the full stops. Look at the example below.

4.     Show your paper to the members of your group. Your papers should be the same.
5.     Make slides for the text – 2 slides for each group member
6.     Upload your Powerpoint to Voicethread.
7.     Share your presentation with your group members:

  • Go to your My Voice Page
  • Click on the gear menu icon in the corner of your Voicethread presentation thumb nail
  • Click Share
  • Selection our Tsukuba Dai Group
  • Scroll down to find the members of your group
  • Click the pencil icon to make it turn gold.

 8.  Record your presentations
Please finish your presentations by next class.

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