Monday, June 10, 2013

Integrated English 1 2013 Week 8: End of term project

Your final project is a writing task. Please choose ONE of the following options:

  • Write a short story (短編小説) about one of the characters in The Inverted Eagle. Create a story about the character’s life after the events in the Inverted Eagle, OR  
  • If you don’t like any of the characters in the story, invent a character of your own, and write a story about him or her in the context of The Inverted Eagle.
  • Write a new ending for The Inverted Eagle
  • Write a review of The Inverted Eagle. Explain why you liked the story, or why you didn’t like the story.
  • Write a review of Cup of Death. Explain why you liked the story, or why you didn’t like the story.

You must write at least 100 words. The top 3 stories will be published on this blog and the writers will win a graded reader. The top 3 reviews will be published on Marcus Benevides’ Teach Your Own Adventure Blog ( Please be honest. Negative reviews have a chance of winning too.

Please click the link to read some of the previous winners' stories.

You must submit your final project by Thursday 20th June at 12:00 noon. Please submit one copy by e-mail, and one printed copy. Please put the printed copy in my mailbox (#FLC 23) on the fourth floor of the Foreign Language Centre, just outside Room CA403.

Finally, please click the links to download your style sheet and your writing error codes sheet.


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