Monday, January 07, 2013

The University of Tsukuba IE Phys. Ed B3 Trimester 3 Wk 3

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Hello everyone, welcome back. Today we are going to read an article about soccer. The article is called, "Heading a soccer ball can injure brain". The article comes from a great website called

In the article we learn about an injury called "concussion" (脳震とう). Let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: IE-PhysEd B3 Vocabulary.

People can get a concussion while playing many sports. Can you think of three sports in which a concussion is a common injury? I'll give you a hint. Concussions are a big problem in my favourite sport.

Have you ever had a serious injury while playing a sport? Please post a comment.


  1. Ryoma4:24 pm

    When I was a junior high school student, I fell from my neck to the ground while doing a high jump.
    I suffered from whiplash injury, and I wasn't able to move for 2 weeks.
    Then, I thought I couldn't move forever, so that I was very glad to recover.

  2. kotowa4:26 pm

    No, I hadn't.
    But I had had easy concussion in playing handball.
    Handball is very dangerous!

  3. Fusako4:26 pm

    I have naver had a serious injury.
    I will take care after this.

  4. [
    I have no serious injury.
    I feel I'm lucky

  5. Tsukasa4:27 pm

    I had sprained my ankle by step on a ball.

  6. Chisato4:27 pm

    I had never a serious injury.
    I play table tennis every day.
    This sports is not collision.
    So, I had never a serious injury.

  7. Yukito4:27 pm

    I have been play baseball.
    But my wrist was broken at the time of the third-year student in a junior high school.
    Even now, it hurts.

  8. takehito4:27 pm

    I didn`t have serious injury.
    I am health every year.

  9. Takumi4:28 pm

    Yes,I have.
    I have played baseball for ten years.
    Three years ago , a ball hit my head.
    I had concussion.

  10. Ryota4:28 pm

    I haven't a serious injury while playing sport.
    But I bad a light injury many times.

  11. Naoki4:28 pm

    No, I haven't.
    But I have seen someone injured in a rugby game.
    Concussion, breaking bones, dislocation, ligament injury and so on.

  12. i have ever had a injury.but my list isn't confort now.

  13. Atsushi4:28 pm

    I have not had serious injury while playing sport.

  14. tomohito sato4:29 pm

    I have not have a serious injury.
    That's because , I have fortune.

  15. Keisuke4:29 pm

    Yes,I have.
    I pulled a calf muscle,when I sprinted 300m.
    I didn't sprint over two months.

  16. When I was a junior high school student,I broke a bone. I was very sad. I do a great deal for arm.

  17. Kazuki4:30 pm

    I have had a concussion while playing soccer.
    Because I was kicked from the player of opposing team.
    I went to a hospital.

  18. shinjiro4:31 pm

    The danger of the sport was found.

  19. Tatsuki4:31 pm

    Though I play rugby, I haven't had a serious injury while playing sports. So I'm very lucky.

  20. I have broken bone when I was high school student.
    I had rest for 2month.

  21. Natsuki4:31 pm

    I had injured a eyelid while I play basketball. I bumped into the other player's head. And I feeled the blood tricking from my eyelid.

  22. Yukino4:31 pm

    Happpy new year! Mr.Micael.

    I have never had a serious injury while playing sports.
    But,I had had small injuury many time.
    For example, scratchs, sprain.

  23. I have broken bone while I did pole vault when I was a high school student. I did mistake jump and fell from mat. I broken the coccyx. It's so painful. I want to be careful when I practice doing pole vault.

  24. I have not done a big injury.
    However, there is much small injury.
    A sprain, a sprained finger, lumbago, etc.
    I would like to take care about the injury big from now on.