Monday, July 02, 2012

Introduction to Business English 1A 2012 Final Exam Study Guide

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the week-end.

Next week is the final exam. Here is your study guide.

The exam covers units 4-6 (pp. 34-61)

The Exam has 3 sections: (1) Listening, (2) Vocabulary and Grammar, (3) Reading

The question types are sorting (並べ替え), multiple choice (多項選択式の問題), true/false (○×式[真偽を問う]問題), and fill in the blanks (穴埋め問題).

In order to prepare for the exam please study the Introduction to Business English 1A flashcards on Quizlet. Also, please study the Vocabulary File on pp. 153-156 in your textbook. 

You can also read some interesting articles in the Financial Times online.

You should also do units 4-6 on the CD ROM again. 

Study hard!

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