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応用英吾I-2A Reading 2012: And the winner is...

Hello everyone,  
Well, we have the 2012 winners. The first prize goes to Kanna. The second prize goes to Chosu, and the third prize goes to Ara. Mr. Benevides and Mr. Gray both enjoyed all the stories very much. Kanna, Choshu and Ara each win a book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, which is edited by Marcos Benevides. 

Here are the winning stories:

Kanna’s Story
A few years after the case, Ellie visited the town for her work. She went to the Reed’s house but there was nothing where the house once stood. After a while, Ellie found a swanky café that looked like a good place to rest. She walked into the café and she was surprised to see an unexpected face.
“You are…Mr. Reed!”
“I remember you are Detective Koo. Long time no see.”
Evan Reed was wearing a black apron and handling a white coffee cup. He seemed to have more gray hair than before.
“Are you working in this shop?”
“Yes, I’m the owner of this coffee shop. After Nancy was arrested, I made it using my few remaining funds,” said Evan gently. “Please have a seat.”
Ellie sat down at the counter seat in front of him.
“Are you ready to order?”
“Coffee, please.”
He began making coffee and started to speak about himself and his family.

According to Evan, Judith sold off all her collections of stamps, and then she stopped going to auctions. Now she is living modestly.
Kevin is working at a bookstore in the next town. He has working honestly everyday. He will finish paying the debt to his friend in the near future.
Allison has worked as a psychological counsellor. Miguel became a doctor at Georgetown University Hospital. They were married three years ago and have two children, boy and girl twins. The happy couple visit the Evan's cafe with their cute angels from time to time.

“In my childhood, my dream was to become a cook,” said Evan, putting a coffee cup in front of Ellie. “Although I'm not a chief of a restaurant regrettably, I'm glad to be able to cook for someone.”
The fragrant aroma of coffee beans maked Ellie relax. She sipped it, and she felt happy.
“Now living is much more difficult than before, but I feel fulfilled everyday”, he said cheerfully.
“Certainly, we were falling apart because of what happened, but we were able to restart a new life, thanks to the incident.”

“Thank you for the delicious coffee.” Ellie paid for the coffee. She stood up and went to the exit.
Detective! …Nancy will be released on parole soon. I'm going to go to meet her. After that, I will work hard here with her.” Evan said with sincere eyes.
Ellie turned and smiled at him.
“I will come here again with my friend.”
She left the shop, with beaming feelings. Then she wished him and his family luck.

Choshu’s Story

Fourteen years have passed since the case of the Inverted Eagle. Ellie's daughter; Sofia is twenty-six years old now. She has graduated from Stanford with a degree in law. She works in Washington D.C. as a detective.  Of course, Ellie works there too.
            Sofia has a boyfriend (she had said she would never have a boyfriend!).The boy's name is Barn. He works at a circus, The Shooting Stars as a swing performer.  He is twenty-seven years old, stylish and shy. He is not good at the swing, but he is a hard worker so he is hopeful.
            Sofia and Barn have a date once in a while. They are very happy when they meet each other and talk while eating dinner, or they go for a drive, or take a walk in the park. They want to get married as soon as possible but there is a problem; Barn has a lot of debt from his parents, therefore Ellie is against their marriage. Barn's parents passed away when he was seventeen, and they left a debt; $5000, so he should pay it.
            Sofia decides to marry Barn and help him pay his debt, at any cost. Sofia works very hard. She always solved the cases admirably. She solved difficult cases one after another and she saved money to supplement his debt.
            Barn also managed to earn money. He worked very hard and practiced swing skills. He made remarkable progress on the swing. He mastered The Swan Dive, The Fly Low Like a Eagle, The Peacock Loop, The Shooting Stars, The Six Jump, The First Dream, and The Final Project. His performance was a great success and always crowded. He paid back the money little by little and Ellie admired his efforts.
            At last, Barn and Sofia paid back all the debt!! Ellie said "You have a good boyfriend, Sofia. I have no worry." Sofia was so happy that she danced for joy and kissed Barn.
            Ellie and Sofia and Barn relaxed in their garden and watched the three children pleasantly playing detective and circus performer like their parents.
            A lot of flowers were in bloom and the bracing air of early spring surrounded them.

Ara’s Story
One month after Miguel moved out of the Reed house, he found a house near his own college.
His mother, Lucia is stayed at the Reed house, because she took care of  Judith Reed. He started
single life, but  it was is very hard. He started a part time job to earn house rent. So he had
no time to study. Every day he studied past midnight, and he met Allison every
weekend. So he had no rest time. One day he caught a cold. Allison was surprised because
Miguel proudly said he never got sick. So Allison decided to break up with Miguel and
told him, "I will always love you, but this situation is bad. So we have to break
up." Miguel didn't say "OK." But it was a painful choice for Allison too, and this situation
was his own doing. Finally he said "OK." But he decided he would become involved with Allison again.
One year later, he graduated college at the top of his class.  His land lord let him stay in the house rent free in return for teaching his children. So he had more time to study. Miguel searched for Allison. He wanted to tell her. At last he found Allison. He ran, and he said,  "Allison. I always think of you. I have always loved you. Please marry me." Allison in tears just said, " Of course."

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  1. Nanaho M.11:15 am

    I like all story!!
    Kanna's story is very interesting where Evan Reed works.
    Choshu's story is good sofia's story!
    Ara's story is nice!
    Allison's excitement communicates itself to me.
    Q.Does Nancy feel apologetic for her's crime.

  2. Takayuki K.11:15 am

    I really liked and feel great the story.
    But I feel a very long the story.

  3. Choshu Nomura11:20 am

    Deaar Ara.
    I am very like to this story because I can read easily and wonderfuly. I could not think that idea;Muguel caught a cold and Allison decided to break up with Muguel. And I am impressed last scene;they got to marry.
    Please tell me how did you flashed the idea? And what time did you spent time to write this story?

  4. Hi,Ara. I like your story. Miggel ia verry good man. I wawnt to tell them Congratulations!
    what does Allison do now?

  5. Takayuki K.11:28 am

    I really liked and feel great idea the story.
    But I feel a very long the story.
    Great job!
    Q:Why did Baran also managed to earn money?

  6. Hi Kanna, I really liked your story. I think the idea of Evan Reed owning and working in a coffee shop is a great idea.
    What do you think happened to Officer Yokota?
    Choshu I love your idea of Sophia's partner being a circus performer. I loved the names you came up with for the various Swing routines. Do you like the circus? Have you ever been to the circus/ Why did you think that Sophia would like a boy who worked in a circus?
    Ara, your story is very romantic. Do you like romantic stories?

    1. Kanna K.11:41 am

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your comment!
      I think that he will continue to work with Ellie and marry with rich woman.

  7. Kanna K.11:30 am

    Hi Nanaho,
    Thank you for your comment!
    A. I think that Nancy is sorry for her action.

  8. Kazuki U11:34 am

    I like this story. this all story is very interested.

    Q:Kana's story. Evan working cafe is big or small?

    1. Kanna K.11:47 am

      Hi Kazuki,
      Thank you for your comment!
      A: I think his cafe is small, but clean and comfortable.

  9. Moka T.11:37 am

    To Kanna,
     Your story is great! I haven't that idea. I've been surprising to Evan runs a cafe.
    And I'm glad Allison and Miguel could marriage.
    By the way, what are their(Allison & Miguel's) children's name?

    To Choshu,
    I didn't even expected to Sofia's story. Since the turn of Sofia was only a little, I was surprised.
    Then, are Ellie and Sofia and Barn living together?

    To Ara,
    When Allison and Miguel was break up, I worry them. I thought it would be married to another person, each.
    What is Miguel's job? He continued his study?

  10. Choshu Nomura11:40 am

    Dear Nanaho M.
    I read your comment. I feel grateful to hear that my story is good.
    I will answer your question;.Does Nancy feel apologetic for her's crime?
    Well...I think that Nancy feel apologetic for her crime at present because in realiy she has regret to the crime. Nancy perhaps lives honesty and sincerity with Evan in thier house.
    I think that man and woman can restart to his or her life everytime if they wants to decide to live happily.
    I hope Nancy lives happily.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi, I like all these story.
    Choshu’s Story is particularly.
    That's great.
    Sofia names good idea.
    Another story's good idea.

  12. yo hin11:47 am

    I like kanna`s Storry,it`s so easy read for me,Evan have a good dream,and i hope she will good luck with nancy
    Q:Why After Nancy was arrested,Reed leaved Detective

  13. Choshu Nomura12:03 pm

    Dear Takayuki K.
    I read your comment. Thnak you praised my story(though it's too long). I wiil ansewr your question;Why did Baran also managed to earn money?
    Well...To tell the truth,I dont't know that Barn had to pay his parents's debt on leagally in America(or Japan). Perhaps we don't have to pay our parents's debt on leagally, but as a matter of fact we should pay it or we chased a debt collector.

  14. Chihiro.H12:09 pm

    All stories are great!It wasn't something that had occurred to me.

    Hi kanna,this story is good.
    I think that twins will be cute.
    I 'loves children', but what about you?

    Hi Chosyu,fanny story!
    They look terrible.
    Is Barn shy?!Me too><;
    Are you shy?

    Hi Ara,great story!Top of his class?!
    I want to top of would!!!;)
    Do you like something challenge?