Friday, July 02, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語1-2A Reading Final Exam Study Guide

Original illustration by Yuji Tachikawa from the eBook version.
Hello everyone!
Well the semester is almost over. Today we are going to review the story we have been studying this semester - The Inverted Eagle. The final exam is next Friday 9 July at 10:40. The exam will be an hour long. The exam is worth 40% of your final grade. Please study hard, and please go to the English lounge for Self Study Support if you need help. I'm the Self Study Support teacher on Wednesdays from 12:15 - 12:50.
OK, here's your study guide:

The final exam has two parts: Vocabulary and Comprehension.
Vocabulary - 10 points
Please review the vocabulary list on 応用英語1-2A Reading.
Also, please review the vocabulary sections of the quizzes, and the puzzles in your textbook on pp. 16,17; 28,29; 40,41; 50,51; 63,64; 75,76. Please be sure that you have written every word in your detective's notebook including each word's part of speech (POS 品詞), an English definition (定義), and an example sentence (例文). You should use an example sentence from the story.
Comprehension - 30 points
The comprehension section includes questions from Quizzes 1-6. It also includes questions from the chapter puzzles. The question types include multiple choice (多項選択式の問題), true/false, fill in the blanks (空欄にご記入), and short answer questions. You will also have to fill in a timeline of the crime, and write a short summary.
Don't forget to review all the mind maps posted on this blog too.
Good luck!

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