Friday, December 04, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University FE2 Reading Unit 10 Into the Wild Lesson 2

Today we continue enjoying the story of Chris McCandless. First, let's watch a video with Sean Penn, the director of the film Into the Wild and Emile Hirsh, the actor who played Chris McCandless.

Now let's watch a tribute to Chris McCandless. This video shows pictures of the real Chris McCandless.

Now open the lecture folder. Save the document called FE2U10-2IndepStudy to your own folder. Do the tasks.

Finally, post a comment. What do you think of Chris McCandless? Do you think he was brave (勇な)? Do you think he was foolish? How would you feel in his situation (どのようにあなたが彼の状況では感じることが) ?


  1. Yongfeng12:07 pm

    I think he is foolish .
    It is a moving story about a young man chasing after his dream and ultimate adventure,I don't think is brave person .Anyway he is so Indulgence that doesn't concern his parents'feel.Also he is enjoying his live.but every is worried about him everyday.
    I cann't feel in his situation.I just think he shouldn't do it!
    It is so rude That will make everyone sad!

  2. Katsuya12:07 pm

    I think he was brave and strong.If I am his situation,maybe I am dying soon.When I Knew his story,I felt my life is so happy now.

  3. Manato12:10 pm

    I think he was sincere and gentleman.

  4. I think he is not brave but foolish.If it is same his situation I feel lonely and want to meet the family.

  5. I think how wonderful his belief. He lived into the wild. But I can't want to do a thing like I don't think 'how would I feel in his situation.

  6. I think Chris is mysterious. Because he isn't friendly, but the old man who hasn't family and friend opened his heart.
    I think Chris is brave because he dived the sea in the cold. On the other hand, I think he is foolish.
    If I were him, I may want to do adventure.

  7. Hideaki6:35 pm

    Chris looked for freedom. He found it although he died, but probably he didn't regret the result because if he didn't leave he could lead a rich life but he decided to leave home. He didn't have a stereotype. He looks like Tom Sawyer.

  8. Nanami11:44 pm

    I think he may a foolish person.But he conducted himself splendidly.If I were him,I would not life like him.I dislike everything alone.

  9. I think he has alot of guts.
    Do you think he was brave (勇な)?
    Yes, I do.
    I don't think he was foolish because he did his hope.
    It's a wonderful, but I don't like this end. Because I accustom in current my life and I don't want to died yet.

  10. If I feel in his stuation, maybe I am puzzled. A content is not clear.
    I think he was brave and strong.

  11. keisuke Nakanishi11:48 am

    I think he was sincere and gentleman.

  12. Keiko1:06 pm

    He is always smailing. He's life is wonderful.
    I can't live wild.

  13. Ichise Misa12:05 pm

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