Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Memories of JALT CALL 2009 at Toyo Gakuen University

Here are some pictures from the 2009 JALT CALL conference at Toyo Gakuen University Hongo campus. The conference was a great success thanks to the hard work of Andy, Sarah, Clair, and some Toyo Gakuen student volunteers. Everyone was very impressed by Toyo Gakuen. One teacher said that he'd like to teach at Toyo Gakuen! Enjoy!

 This photo was taken by Daniel Beck. Mr. Beck is an ELL teacher and he is studying at Temple University Japan now. Temple University Japan is my alma mater. I have blurred the faces of the students in order to protect their privacy.

Toyo Gakuen University professors Sakamoto-sensei and EEDC Director Harada-sensei

Andy making a point

Collegiality: Togaku instructors and Joe Heilman

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  1. Is that Andy 'making a point' or Andy 'asking for a pint'? ha! ha!